How To Obtain Copy of Marriage Certificate In Akrotiri

How To Obtain Copy of Marriage Certificate In Akrotiri

When you submit your application form with you to The General Register Office. This office will be open from Monday through Friday, from 9.30 am until 4.00 pm (excluding the bank holiday, public holidays and Northern Ireland government holidays). Please be aware that the office will open early at 10.00 morning on the Tuesday that is first every month to allow training for staff.

Alongside other offices, including the General Register Office, some certificates can be obtained from the local District Registration offices.

Applications to District Registration Offices should be made in person. make contact with your local office to inquire about payment methods.

Documents that are required Copy of Marriage Certificate

  • Valid ID
  • Evidence of the eligibility
  • Power of Attorney, or a Letter of Authority (if appropriate)

Office Locations and Contacts

Contact Form

Area office Location

What Are All The Eligibility

Once the marriage is registered, you can request the ceremony certificate through the registrar upon the payment of the cost.

Couples who get married in an event of religious significance won’t be able receive a marriage certificate as soon following the ceremony.

Before you can receive an official marriage certificate, the marriage must be recognized. The person who conducted the ceremony will complete this by delivering a complete and signed marriage certificate at Akrotiri Area Office. Area Office Akrotiri.

Examples of Documents

Marriage Ordinance

Processing Time

  • Personal applications are available for collection or posting within three working days. Telephone applications processed within 5 working days after the application’s reception and, upon request, may be collected from the third day of the week until the fifth day of work.
  • Postal applications, online and faxed will be processed within five business days after the submitted application form and the payment being received
  • Applications for priority will be sent through first class mail


Area Offices of Akrotiri Issues birth and death certificates to civilians who reside in the SBAs. They also conduct civil marriages , and issuing marriage licenses to civil servants, military personnel and UK-based civilians and their families.

The Marriage Officer will review the information contained in the application and documents. He issues an Certificate of Marriage if he is satisfied that the documents provided are in conformity to the laws.

Requirements Information

  • The full names of the married couple as well as the bride’s maiden name
  • Date and place of wedding

The document is needed

A marriage certificate is a legal document that contains the details of a wedding which was performed in Akrotiri. You can request one or more copies if your marriage is recorded in Akrotiri. The certificate is a good way for changing your address, file divorce, or to serve as a record of your family’s historical records.

The Registrar is accountable for the registration of all marriages , both religious or civil.

The marriage certificate or the civil partnership document may be purchased at the General Register Office.

Information that can be useful

Area Offices are the civilian government of both Sovereign Base Areas and are an integral element of Sovereign Base Areas Administration. The each Sovereign Base Area has its own Area Office, i.e. that of the Office Area Akrotiri to serve the Sovereign Base Area of Akrotiri (WSBA) and the Area Office Dhekelia to serve Dhekelia, which is for the Sovereign Base Area of Dhekelia (ESBA).

Before a Marriage Officer can issue any certificate, the applicant for the certificate for the marriage to be planned must appear in person before him and before the Governor issues the certificate, all of the couples to the marriage ceremony must be present in person before the person that the Governor will choose for that reason, and in each the event, sign an swearing or affirming in a solemn way (which is the marriage officer, and any other individual appointed by Governors to administer or receive the declaration are empowered to administer or accept) that they are aware there is no legal obstacle to the marriage or that the consent of both people required by the law to signify their consent to the wedding has been obtained, or that no permission is necessary. The declaration must be written down and must be made by the person who signed the declaration.

Other uses of the document/certificate

  • An official certificate of Marriage provides proof of marriage, social security, and helps in obtaining visas for spouses who want to travel together.
  • The marriage certificate serves as a document of an engagement. It contains the date and the place of the marriageas well as the names of those who were married.

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How To Obtain Copy of Marriage Certificate In Akrotiri
How To Obtain Copy of Marriage Certificate In Akrotiri


Anyone who willfully includes or inserts false information in any declaration, certificate, or other document that is required by Law to be signed or issued is punished with a sentence of imprisonment for any period not more than two years.

Any registered Minister or Marriage Official who chooses to celebrate an unconformity in a marriage, contrary to any of the laws or knows that a clause of this Law is not being observed, is subject to imprisonment for a period not more than two years.

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