How To Obtain Death Certificate In Argentina

How To Obtain Death Certificate In Argentina

  1. If you visit your local civil registry office at which the death was recorded You can follow the link under “Office Address and Contacts” section to find contact details and the address.
  2. You must have a valid ID in the event that the officer who registers you needs to confirm your identity.
  3. When you file your application through the Civil Register make sure that you’ve included these crucial information that will make the search for the records easier:
    1. The name of the person who died
    2. Birth date
    3. Date of death
    4. Where the death occurred
  4. You must pay on the certification.

If you’re located living in Buenos Aires

This link can be used to purchase your certificate online. the link

How To Obtain Death Certificate In Argentina
How To Obtain Death Certificate In Argentina


If you’re outside Argentina

Use the link that is listed under “Office Locations and Contacts” to connect with the closest Embassy of Argentina within the nation in which where you are currently in. The consular service department of the Embassy is able to handle your request to get an original copy of your death certificate.

If there are relatives from Argentina You may allow them to get the death certificate through the Civil Registry Office where the death was recorded.

You can also submit your request online, and then have the certificate sent to you:

To order a certificate online:

  1. Go to Ministry of Interior’s Web site: (spanish only)
  2. Select: Tramites y Servicios.
  3. Look for this tab – Partidas y Certificados para residentes en el exterior – Link
  4. Choose the kind of certificate you want to looking for and provide the necessary information.

Office Locations and Contacts

Civil Registry Provincial Registry of PersonsCustomer Service 0800-999-6304

Casa Central
Phone: +54 (0221) 429-6200
Calle 1 N 1342 esq. 60 – La Plata

Registry Offices Find by municipality

Buenos Aires Autonomous City
Registro de Estado Civil y Capacidad de las Personas
Uruguay 753, (1015) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel. : (54-11)4373-8441 al 45

Argentine Embassies Abroad

Other uses for the document/certificate

A duplicate of the death certificate is usually required to be provided in the instances:

  • Benefits from life insurance
  • In claiming pensions
  • settling estates

External Links

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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