How To Obtain Certificate of Transfer (motor, motorbike or machinery) In Argentina

How To Obtain Certificate of Transfer (motor, motorbike or machinery) In Argentina

  1. Collect all the documents you’ll have to provide to be considered to the process.
  2. A request for the certificate of transfer must be submitted to the department of records at the DNRPA office.
  3. Fill out fill out the form(s).
  4. Complete the form and submit it together with ID proof.
  5. Make sure you pay all fees necessary.
  6. If you have submitted the application for an official Certificate of Transfer at the area in which the motor, motorbike or other machinery is registered, you’ll be issued your certificate in 24 hours. If you file your application in different DNRPA branches, the time to process will vary and depend on the branch that prepares the certificate. Typically, it will take around 4 days to have the certificate prepared.

Documents that are required Obtain Certificate of Transfer

Application Form:

  • The place where you are located, the motor, or other machinery is registered In the place where it is registered: Form “02”
  • DNRPA Branch, other than the location at which an object has been registered the form “02” along with “57”.

Identity proof:

  • In the case of Nationals of Argentina: DNI, LC or LE.
  • For foreigners:
    • Non-residents: Passport
    • Residents who are permanent: DNI
    • From neighbouring countries From neighboring countries: ID, CI, the country of origin of CI, or passport.

Office Locations and Contacts


Corrientes 5666
Buenos Aires
1414 AJW C
Subway: Line B (Malabia – O. Pugliese)
Buses: 15, 34, 55, 65, 71, 76, 127, 166, 168

Phone: 0800-122-2227

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What Are All The Eligibility

Individuals can be eligible to apply so they can show an identity proof.



  • The fees are paid when you submit your petition but not after your petition is accepted.
  • The fee can be paid via cash or VISA Electron or Maestro card.

Processing Time

If you have submitted your application for the Certificate of Transfer in the location where the motor, motorcycle or machine is registered You will receive this certificate after 24hrs.

For applications that are filed at another DNRPA branches, the processing time differs and is dependent on the branch responsible for preparing the certificate. It generally takes around four days to have the certification prepared.

The Document is required Obtain Certificate of Transfer

An official certificate of transfer is form of document that specifies the date that the motor, motorbike or machine was transferred from one owner to another along with the exact location of the buyer and the seller.

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