How To Obtain Death Certificate In Austria

How To Obtain Death Certificate In Austria

  • It is possible to make an application to get an official copy of your birth certificate or death certificate to any Registry office. You can do this in person, by writing, or electronically (using your card for citizens).
  • For requests made in person, a certificate is typically issued in a matter of minutes .
  • If you’re outside Austria If you are outside Austria: You can visit an Austrian diplomatic mission or Austrian representation in the foreign country, and they can assist you in processing your request for the copy of a death certificate.

Documents Required Death Certificate

Death Registration:

  • Death Notification
  • Identification valid of the person who reported the death.
  • Documents of the deceased or deceased – if they have they have any:
    • Birth certificate of birth
    • Documentation of nationality or a certificate of the country of
    • Marriage certificate or partnership certificate
    • If you divorced:
      • Divorce decree or divorce decision divorce
      • For registered partners/registered partner: Judgment on dissolution of registered partnerships
    • Perhaps, a document of academic qualifications

Death certificate copy:

  • Valid ID

Office Locations and Contacts

Registry Office

To search for a registry office: Link

Statutory Cities: [Link

To search for Registry Offices in Municipalities: Link

The Vienna Registry Offices20 Dresdner Strae 93
Phone: +43 1 4000-35089
Fax: +43 1 4000-99-35070
E-mail :

Austrian representations in other countries

How To Obtain Death Certificate In Austria
How To Obtain Death Certificate In Austria

What Are All The Eligibility

The death has to be registered with the office of registry. The death certificate can only be issued once the death has been declared by the authority in charge.

The persons who have to report an event (in the order):

  • The conductor / director of the hospital where the patient passed away
  • The doctor or doctor who performed the examinations for mortem
  • The one with authority or authority over the investigation of the police into the cause of death.
  • The Spouse/the Registered Partner, spouse, registered partner or any other family members
  • The final Unterkunftsgeberin or the last property manager
  • Others who are aware of the passing because of their own beliefs

Processing Time

If the request is submitted in person, a certificate is typically issued in a matter of minutes.


Authority that is competent (where do you obtain an original copy of the certification of death):

  • Civil status offices that is responsible for the location of death ( for example, the where the hospital is located or nursing homes) is a competent authority:
    • The Registry Office or the Registry Office Association of Municipality
    • In Statutarstdten The clerk’s Office of the magistrate
    • In Vienna the Registry offices in Vienna.

You can make a request for the copy of your birth certificate to any office for registration.

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