How to Obtain Disability Certificate In India

Obtain Disability Certificate In India By Yourself

  • Parents of someone with a disabilities, or a person who is disabled, should come the District hospital and make a request to obtain a Disability Certificate with the following documentation The following documents are required:
    • A copy of the I.D. of the person who has a disability and two photos illustrating the disability component.
    • The copy of all psychological and medical reports are available.
  • Medical Board distributes the cases to medical sub-committees, which are specifically trained for various types of disabilities, in accordance with the medical condition of the disabled individual.
  • Medical Board issues the Disability Certificate to the individual with disabilities that they must receive at the District Hospital, after its confirmation by the head of the Medical Board.
  • It is possible that the State Governments / UT Administrations could be the medical boards

The Director General of Health Services Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will be the final authority, should there arise any Controversy/doubt regarding the interpretation of the definitions/classifications/evaluations tests etc.Apply Online

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Required Documents For Obtain Disability Certificate

The parent of the person who is disabled, or the person, himself, will go at District Hospital District Hospital providing all necessary documents and reports in the following manner:

  • A copy of the Disability Certificate.
  • Two (2) personal photographs.
  • A copy of the I.D. of the person who has a disability.
  • Copy of the home.
  • Disabled Welfare Department/ District hospital must issue this disability certificate to the disabled person in the same manner when the person who signed the sighing authority has done so.
  • The copy of all psychological and medical reports is available.

Aadhaar Card

Office Locations and Contacts

The respective Medical boards are formed at the district or state level.


To be eligible for an Disability Certificate, a person who has a disability must meet the following criteria:

  • To be an Indian citizen.
  • Medical reports that explain the what the nature of their disability is.
  • The minimum amount of disability must be at least 40% to be considered eligible.


  • The application is at no cost.
  • The IC will include details such as Identification card number Code for Disability State code District code and more.
  • A pass book can also be provided alongside the IC. This book is designed to provide the information about the various concessions and benefits offered to the person.

Because these guidelines are new states as well as UTs could be working on developing an infrastructure to issue the identity cards to each disabled person.


This certificate can be used for a time of five years for people with disabilities that are temporary. For those who develop permanent disabilities the validity of the certificate can be declared permanent..


  • The disability certificate or ID card is the primary document that anyone with any disability that is greater than 40 percent must have to be able to access all benefits, facilities, or concessions available under programs. It is not necessary to gain admission to an institution for formal education.
People who are authorised to issue a the disability certificate
  • The Medical boards that are constituted at the State or district level are the certifying authority to issue a disability certification. The board is composed of an executive medical officer or sub divisional medical officers in the District as well as an specialist in the area. The examples include the ophthalmic surgeon for those with visual impairments or an ENT surgeon, or an auditorologist for hearing and speech impairments and orthopaedic surgeons or an expert in rehabilitation and physical medicine for locomotor disabilities and a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist or specialist in special education for mental disabilities. The specific disability certificate for mental retardation as well as other impairments (visual or hearing impairment, speech and as well as locomotor disabilities) is provided in Form X and the related resources. The certificate is issued to people who suffer from disabilities that are covered under the PWD Act of 1995. Presently, disabilities such as Autism as well as learning difficulties aren’t included under this Act.
  1. This certificate will be valid for five years.
  2. In the event that there is no possibility of a change in the severity of disability A permanent disability certificate is issued.
  3. In order to obtain a disability certificate , one must have a birth certificate as well as proof of residency. If the child was brought up at home by parents, they may obtain the birth certificate through the district magistrate.
Identity Card
  • Presently, various ministries/departments of the central government as well as the state and UT level government provide a number of concessions/facilities/benefits to the persons with disabilities. The benefits are granted in accordance with specific documents. The requirements for obtaining these benefits are different for each situation. So, people with disabilities must complete complicated paperwork that causes lots of hassle and creates a barrier to obtaining different benefits. The Government of India has therefore issued guidelines (August,2000) to states/UTs for issue of identity card (IC) to the persons with disabilities go as to enable them to easily avail any applicable benefits/concessions.

Requirements Information

  • The name of the applicant
  • Date of Birth
  • Father’s and Mother’s names
  • Age at which the application is made
  • Gender
  • Permanent and Correspondence Address
  • Education Status
  • Identification Marks
  • Nature of Disabilities
  • Time since disabled

Documentation is needed

  • A Disability Certificate is not just an identity document for people who is disabled, but an evidence of their disability. It is an essential tool to avail the facilities, benefits and rights the disabled are entitled through Government officials at the Central as well as State Government in accordance with various laws enabling them.
  • The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has issued guidelines to The Medical Boards of District Civil hospitals for the issuance of assessments, and the form of Disability Certificate. The procedures in place are provided below.
  • In the light of the challenges that citizens across the nation in getting Disability Certificates along with the complications in the process in obtaining them, government officials, including the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is currently looking into the issue and has requested feedback and suggestions from users and agencies involved.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

The disability certificate or Identity card are used to access any facility and benefits, or concessions offered in the schemes that are available.

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