How to Obtain Driver License Extract (DL Extract) In India

Obtain Driver License Extract (DL Extract) In India By Yourself

  • To obtain a Driver License Extract, you have visit the closest RTO office in your area.
  • Be sure you’re qualified to submit your application by reviewing the eligibility criteria listed in”Eligibility” in the “Eligibility” section on this page.
  • You can apply for DL Extract in writing on A4 paper. Attach a five rupees stamp to the upper right-hand corner of your request letter.
  • Download your application forms from the appropriate officer or mark it on an A4-sized sheet.
  • Then, submit the application form that you have completed and include all the required Documents according to the required Documents section, along with the application form. Submit this at RTO office. RTO office.
  • You must pay the fees that are appropriate in accordance with the quotes of the authorities.
  • The authorities will consider your application.
  • After the entire process is completed, the authorities will issue an DL Extract.

Register Online

  • To obtain a Driver license extract, go to the parivahan government’s website by clicking the next link
  • When you are on the site, go to”Online Services” after you have visited the website. Click on “Online Services” button and choose”Driver License Related Services. “Driving License related Services” choice.
  • Select the state you want to visit from the drop-down list box.
  • Under “Driving License” option click on the “Services On DL (Renewal/Duplicate/AEDL/Others) button.
  • Please read the following information and then click to click”Continue” or click on the “Continue” click.
  • On the next page, type in the driver’s license number as well as date, then select on the “Get an DL Export” option.
  • The next page will display your information Fill in the balance information on the form, and then click”Proceed. “Proceed” click.
  • Select and fill in the necessary options before clicking”Proceed. “Proceed” click.
  • Select next the “DL Extract” option from the menu of choices displayed, and then hit “Proceed”.
  • Then select the reason you’re seeking the DL Extract? and then click the “Continue” click.
  • A box will now appear on the left side . Click the first box, then enter the captcha code, then click “Submit”.
  • Following this, it will show the acknowledgement receipt download . Print it out and take it to print for later for future reference.
  • After that, click”Next” button “Next” button. It will display “Application form already filled” fill out the form, then hit “Proceed”.
  • It will present payment options. choose your bank, then enter the captcha number that appears there and then click”Pay Now “Pay Now” button.
  • Then, put a tick mark and then click “Proceed to pay” button.
  • Select the payment option you want to use and then pay.
  • After you have paid, you can print your payment acknowledgment for later reference.
  • Then, you must collect all the documents, as listed in the section on required documents.
  • After verification, they will give their DL Extract certificate.

Application for printing:

  • If you did not take the printout of your application or you wish to make a print of your form, you will need to follow these steps:
  • Printouts of the online application forms with the assistance of this hyperlink: click here to follow the link
  • Select your state in the drop-down list box that reads “Please choose the State which the service will be performed”.
  • On the next page on the next page, select “Download Forms” to select the “Print the application form” option.
  • Please enter your application’s number and click the “Submit” button. Then follow the next steps in order to obtain the printed copy.

To Apply for RTO appointment:

  • You can make an appointments with RTO via the link below. Link
  • Click “Appointment” option, then select “Slot Reservation DL Services” option.

On the next page, you can you can fill in the necessary information and then click”Submit” to submit your request “Submit” link to submit your request for a booking appointment.

Required Documents For Obtain Driver License Extract

  • Copy of Driving License (Both front and back on one page).
  • A court fee of Rs 5 Stamp.
  • Original DL should be available. (will be returned once verified the application in person on the counter)
  • Form for pre-filled application.
  • Reception of payment.
  • Aadhaar card.

Any additional information.

Office Locations and Contacts

Regional Transport Office (RTO)Public Relations Officer,
Transport Department,
5/9 Under Hill Road,
Delhi 110054.
Phone No. 23994223
Contact Link


  • To be eligible the DL Extract the applicant should be a valid driver’s license holders.
  • Anyone in need of a foreign DL may apply.


  • As RTO quote.
  • Rs.5 stamp to apply.

Online fees – Rs.25.

The Information You Need

  • Applicant details.
  • Address details.
  • E-mail Id.
  • Number for phone.

Documentation is needed

  • The requirement of a driver’s license extract is a result of a variety of reasons, such as applying for to obtain a foreign D.L.
  • The DL Extract is issued for insurance claims as well as N. O. C. to other licensing authorities.

Information that could be helpful

  • Make sure you have all the required documents.
  • Take a photocopy of the completed form to use for reference in the future.
  • It’s a crime punishable by law to drive a vehicle with having a valid driver’s license.
  • People who are younger than 18 years of age are not permitted to drive.
  • Driving license extract contains a detailed details about the history of your driver’s license.



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