How To Obtain Duplicate License Plates In Chile

How To Obtain Duplicate License Plates In Chile

  • Go to any of the offices that is part of the Civil Registry.
  • You can apply for an additional license plate.
  • Submit and present the necessary documents.

Documents Required Obtain Duplicate License Plates

For the request

  • Valid Identity Card that is valid (in excellent condition)
  • Car Proficiency Certificate (Padron)
  • Circulation Permit force
  • To be able to satisfy the disability or impairment requirements in the case of the application, the person has to submit the plates in good condition or damaged.
  • If the reason is loss, loss, theft or damage to one or both plates the person must provide an original copy (legal) of the portion of the complaint made to the Carabineros. The document is handed over on the same day as the report is made at the police station in which the complaint was made.
  • If the cause is changing or replacing the vehicle at the date of the request, taxi drivers, they is to return the license plates. On the other hand when the change is directly by taxi, or one in its form, it’s mandatory for the driver to surrender their license plate, but should only do this when you have the permission from the Ministry of Transport and the plates are changed.

To be used for the delivery (removing the plates that are duplicates or patents)

  • Valid Identity Card
  • Car Proficiency Certificate (Padron)
  • Certification Certificate of Registration (whether or not it is in force)
  • When the removal plates is performed by a third party and the owner of the vehicle is an individual, then in addition to the above documents, the owner must be filed an Power of Attorney for such particular purposes. If there is an owner who’s a corporate entity and the removal of plates has to be completed via the company’s legal representative, and will provide an official duplicate of the document, stating the same.
  • Provisional Patent Plate and travel authorization (at the time of removal of the plate or patent/s)
  • An Affidavit notarized by the owner, and a replica (craft) from the section of the complaint that was filed at the Carabineros (in the event of theft or loss) patent plate

Office Locations and Contacts

  • Telephone Number 800 370 2000
  • To view Chilean Civil Registry and Identification location offices, go to this site: http://www.regis
    How To Obtain Duplicate License Plates In Chile
    How To Obtain Duplicate License Plates In Chile and click on the “Offices and Times” tab.

What Are All The Eligibility

Chilean owners of license plates.


  • Plates patents on vehicle plates (pair) $ 18,190
  • Motorcycle patent plate (pair) – $7690

License plate duplicate (each) $8,000


  • The applicant needs to sign his thumb’s right fingerprint on the application.
  • The distribution of the licence plate can be given only to the owner of the vehicle or the legal person who is his agent.

The Document is required Obtain Duplicate License Plates

When your plate/s have been stolen, lost, or misplaced, the owner has to file an application with the Duplicate Plates at the Office of Civil Registry as well as Identification.

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