How to Obtain Import Fish License In Uruguay

Obtain Import Fish License In Uruguay By Online

  1. Get an official certificate named “Join Health” as well as”Join Health Certificate” as well as the “Certificate for Inspection on Imported Goods” inside the box on the ground floor in Dinara.
  2. Completion of your “Join Health” certificate and submit it at the Certification Office (4th floor of Dinara) for it to have it signed and dated by the official Veterinarian in 24 hours from the submission If there aren’t any differences.
  3. The reference should be made to the container into which the products enter, and also to the container that is the reservoir with the capability.
  4. Attached to the Original and Copy of the Health Certificate issued by the Competent Authority of the country of origin, a certificate of the country of origin being that is free from cholera (the latter being required by the Border Inspection MSP).
  5. Provide the completed Inspection Certificate as well as proof of the payment of the process of import.
  6. In the case of processed products that are later processed and exported into the European Union, the Health Certificate of Origin must indicate that the processor who has the same fish plant is authorised to export to the market in which the product was produced in accordance with the current Community laws.
  7. All data is kept in the Office Certifications and will be accompanied by an authorization number DINARA.
  8. After you have signed the Health Income document, all documentation is taken by the Border Health Ministry of Public Health.
  9. After the products are placed in the warehouse, they must be notified of DINARA (Certifications) by citing the DINARA (Certifications) authorization number, as well as the Health Certificate number of Income to allow the importation for the purpose of the process of sampling. If the product is transported to the airport and be shipped straight to interior storage, it will be informed on the day of the arrival date to coordinate inspections on the runway.
  10. The inspector in charge is accountable for the sample of the product and transporting products to Sensory Analysis Laboratory of the Department of Fisheries. The product is analyzed when it is in compliance with the minimal requirements for the labeling of products: scientific and common product name, industryization the origin net weight, ingredient as well as the date of production and / or expiration date, the legend “inspected through DINARA” health registration number import.
  11. Once the analysis has been completed and approved, it is handed over to the concerned Inspection Certificate that is signed by the official Veterinarian. The Veterinarian is then licensed to sell the product.

Required Documents For Obtain Import Fish License 

  • Current clearance warehouses with health cleared warehouses, released by Department of Fisheries of the Dinara
  • certification from “Join Health”
  • Certificate of Inspection for imported goods
  • Original and copy of Original and Copy of Certificate provided by the Competent Authority of the country from which it is derived.
  • Certificate of origin that is free of certificate of origin free of cholera (the latter is required in the Border Inspection MSP)

Office Locations and Contacts

National Directorate of Aquatic Resources (Dinara)Department of Fisheries – Control Unit , and International Certification
Av 1497, 4th floor Constituent
Phone: (598) 2400 4689
Fax: (598) 2401 7236
The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10:30 to 15:00.


  • The company that imports fish products is required to be registered with DINARA.
  • The company should have an active clearance warehouse that is in good health certificates approved from the Department of Fisheries of the Dinara.


  • The cost of a medical certificate $163
  • Purchase inspection certificate: $ u 63
  • Sample and inspection: 4.40 adjustable units (UR)

The Document is required

The following are the steps to follow for obtaining an import license for fish in Uruguay. The license allows the importation of products from fish chilled frozen, frozen, canned preserves and so on. within the country.

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