How to Obtain Israeli Smart ID Card In Israel

Obtain Israeli Smart ID Card In Israel By Online

  • The applicants can request smart biometric documents in the offices that are part of the Population and Immigration Authority around Israel.
  • Visit an Population and Immigration Authority bureau and verify your identity by showing an ID that is valid. If you don’t have one you can show a passport or a Laissez-passer.
  • Fill out a form to obtain smart biometric identification along with a letter of acceptance and consent, based on which you agree to the collection of your biometric identity which includes a photograph of your facial characteristics and digital fingerprints from both fingers, etc.
  • Furthermore, a procedure for confirming the identity of the applicant is carried out using a variety of computer-generated questions which will be answered from the provider. A service will carry out the process of taking a of the facial features and scanning of both forefingers by the applicant. The process of scanning fingerprints is simple and quick. The process is executed with an electronic scanner where the forefinger and thumb are held for a couple of seconds. The scanning process for fingerprints doesn’t require ink, and the usage of the device isn’t dirty. In the rare cases that scanning the fingerprints of forefinger is not feasible because of health concerns of the resident or technological reasons, an person applying will be instructed by the provider of the service how to complete the scanning process.
  • In the end, you’ll need to sign a declaration of the ways in which the document is used and the legal obligations that fall on the owner as a responsible document holders, including making sure that the document is not misused.
  • The biometric information will be encrypted before being transferred into the biometric database to confirm authenticity of the candidate. The data will be stored within the database for biometrics in a safe and encrypted way and will be removed from the computer systems that are owned by the Population and Immigration Authority.
  • Smart ID cards are manufactured by a centrally-located production facility and is delivered to you within ten working days after you’ve completed your application at an office at the Population and Immigration Authority of your preference.
  • After you receive the card you will also be provided with a personal password for it to use and an appendix with your personal information. The notification of the arrival of the new card at Bureau will be sent out to recipient via the text messaging (SMS).
  • Smart passports and other documents related to travel will be delivered to you via registered mail within 10 business days. There is no requirement to go to the Population and Immigration Authority bureau to get it (as is required for the distribution of the smart ID card).

Required Documents For Obtain Israeli Smart ID Card

  • Valid ID

Office Locations and Contacts

Population and Immigration Authority — Service Centers and Contact Details


Citizens or residents of the country aged 16 and over

Processing Time

The Smart ID is made in a central production facility and given to applicant within ten business days of submitting your application.


  • Identification cards are issued in the “Being a Citizen” project in schools and will be shared with authorities like the Ministry of Education and the Population and Immigration Authority.
  • You have the option of choosing between an ordinary ID card as well as the most advanced and secure smart ID card which cannot be used to forge. Smart ID cards has biometric data and measures which are unique to each individual: facial feature images as well as fingerprint images taken from both fingers, to provide a way of identification that is designed to stop identity theft.

The document is needed

  • It is the Israeli ID card serves as the document that is issued for all Israeli residents over 16 years old to prove their identity. The ID card has to be carried by all residents on a regular basis.
  • This guideline will give you details on how you can make an application for the Israeli Smart ID Card.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • ID document According to law, this ID card has a photograph as well as general information about identifying like first and last names as well as the names of parents along with the date and place of birth, and obviously your personal ID number.An appendix is added to the ID card that contains additional information such as address, spouse’s name, names of children, however, you have plenty of the time to fill in all of these details.
  • Voters ID card gives you to vote as well as to take part in the elections of the Knesset or the local authority (when you reach legally required age) and serves as a form of identification that allows you to obtain documents like a passport or to get services from authorities, like issuing a driver’s licence or opening accounts at banks or gain entry into areas of recreation and culture as well as other.

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