How To Obtain License for Private Security Companies In Gambia

How To Obtain License for Private Security Companies In Gambia

  • In order to operate a private security business, the applicant needs to get in touch with authorities at the Ministry of Interior in Gambia. This link will direct you to the official website from which allows you to reach the appropriate officials: Ministry of Interior
  • Also, ensure that you have the required documents listed in the required documents section are in your possession.

Documents that are required License for Private Security Companies

  1. Article and Memorandum of Agreement.
  2. Tax-free income certificate.
  3. Certificate of registration for business.
  4. Security Certificate. Social Security Certificate.
  5. Name of the business.
  6. Staff members to be numbered to begin with
  7. Nationality (Gambian ID/ Card ) or Aliens ID Card.
  8. The uniform sample to be used
  9. Cliental (prospective clients).
  10. The source of income.
  11. Certificate of Character.
  12. National Education levy fund if the amount of turn-over is one-half million or more than

Payroll (Expatriate tax ) for employees and shareholders who are not Gambian residents or shareholders/ employees.

What Are All The Eligibility

  1. It is essential to have enough money to begin and operate the business..
  2. At at least half of all shareholders must at least 50% of shareholders be Gambians.


Five hundred thousand Dalasis (D50 000) annual fees for licenses.

Documentation is needed

This document provides you with details on how to obtain a authorization to operate the Private Security Company in Gambia.



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