How to Obtain Marriage Certificate In Bhutan

Obtain Marriage Certificate In Bhutan By Online

  1. In order to obtain the marriage certificate, those seeking it must visit the nearest civil registry offices.
  2. Don’t forget to bring all necessary documents (see the list below)
  3. The application fees must be paid, and wait for a response from the Registrar about when you should return to collect your certificate.

If you’re not in Bhutan

Use the link that is listed beneath “Office Locations & Contacts” to contact the nearest diplomatic representative in Bhutan within the nation where where you are currently in. The consular service department of the Embassy can assist you to in the process of obtaining an original copy of your marriage certificate.

Required Documents For Obtain Marriage Certificate 

  • An order of the High Court which has not expired for three months.
  • A written consent form and a marriage certificate status of the couple signed by the head of the family/two family membersand foster parents or Court.
  • An Authetication Document from Gup that confirms your marital state. For those who are registered with the Thromdes/Municipals, an official certificate of marriage status aunthentication has to get from the Thrompons of the respective.
  • A relationship certificate (family tree/census) duly issued by the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs to establish the parent-children/relatives relationship.
  • A copy of the adoption document or any other document that proves foster/adopted/legal relationship.
  • Single Status Certificate for the applicants.
  • Two sureties: one male surety for the groom and a female surety to the bride. Two sureties are required. one of them must belong to a Bhutanese citizen, and accepted by the court and be familiar of the wedding couple.
  • A duplicate of your Citizenship Identity Card.
  • Three recent passport size photographs.
  • A copy of the Citizenship Identity Card of parents/head of the family/two relatives/foster/adopted parents and of any person from whom a certificate of certificate of consent and certificate stating the marital status is obtained.
  • A copy of the divorce agreement or final decision of divorce if you were previously divorced and then married, showing the lapse of one calendar year.
  • A copy of the death certificate of the spouse who died in the event of previously being married and widowed.
  • A copy of the birth certificate of the child/children , if they have one, or a statement that states of any other.
  • Affidavit Form No.8 Affidavit Form No.8.
  • Any supporting document to Form No. 7, 8, (KA) as well as any other document deemed essential to be required by Court.
  • Make it a fact that is satisfactory to the Court that they have been in contact for one year.
  • A certified or attested copy of a Clearance Certificate from a competent authority that states that the person is not guilty of any crime.
  • A year’s worth of evidence has expired following it was issued. Marriage Certificate is denied by the Court.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs
Department of Civil Registration and Census
Telephone : +975-2-322301/322015/325173
Address: Post Box No.133 Tashichho Dzong

MHCA Web site

Citizen’s Service Website

How to Obtain Marriage Certificate In Bhutan
How to Obtain Marriage Certificate In Bhutan

Royal Bhutanese Embassies abroad

Documents to Utilize


Requirements Information

  • Name of spouse
  • Date and place of wedding

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