How to Obtain Not Divorced Certificate In Morocco

Obtain Not Divorced Certificate In Morocco By Online

  1. Visit for the Office of Municipal department responsible for the distribution administration certificates.
  2. Bring the documents you need.
  3. Show the documents.
  4. You can apply for the not-divorced certificate.

Required Documents For Obtain Not Divorced Certificate

  • an image that shows the card’s national identification number
  • written commitment , or, if it is appropriate, a statement of honor

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of the Interior

Avenue Mohammed V,Quartier Administratif
T 537-761-861
F 537-762-056


Anyone interested in the subject and/or his agent.


There is no cost in the process of obtaining a not-divorced certificate.


The validity of this certificate is three months.

Processing Time

Not divorced certificates can be approved and issued within the exact day as the application.


  • The document is signed by either the city’s president or by his representative.

Documentation is needed

The certificate proves that the owner isn’t divorced (still married, or not yet single). It is given to everyone who wants to ensure their rights with respect to pensions, inheritances, or benefits.

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