How To Obtain One Key Recovery (Unique Key) In Chile

How To Obtain One Key Recovery (Unique Key) In Chile

Through the Internet


  • After you have registered and then set up emails You must choose one to get their individual key.
  • If you are the only one with an email address that is registered and you have a registered email address, you will be issued an additional activation code, which allows you to make a unique code.
  • Only the most secret questions asked through these forums can result in a unique key.

Through the Office

  • Visit go to the Office of the Civil Registry and Identification.
  • Ask the officer to show identification cards. Show your ID card and passport.
  • Inform the officer that you’d like your personal key.
  • Once the official authenticates your identity using biometrics, then you’ll be issued an activation number.
  • Log in to and click the link “Turn unique key”.
  • Complete the required data and include the activation code.
  • Follow the steps to get your key.

Documents that are required Obtain One Key Recovery (Unique Key)

  • To access your use on Internet or Online Your e-mail address or all the information you need to answer your most elusive questions
  • To be used at the Office you must have a valid identity document (must have been in good working order)

Office Locations and Contacts

  • Telephone Number 800 370 2000

To view Chilean Civil Registry and Identification location offices, go to this site: and click on the “Offices and Times” tab.

What Are All The Eligibility

Chilean citizens


There is no cost to the process of obtaining a one-key recuperation (unique keys).


  • The activation code is a combination of 6 letters, you can get in the office and which allows only key in
  • After your identity has been verified, this code will be valid and you will be able to utilize it.
  • If you experience problems If you have any issues, get in touch with for assistance with the Civil Registry and Identification by calling 600 370 2000.

Need to have the Document

Unique key is an mechanism that permits online transactions that must be performed only by the person who is the owner. The password can be retrieved by answering an email-specific question that only you can respond.

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