How to Obtain or Reclaim lost TIN Number In Uganda

Obtain or Reclaim lost TIN Number In Uganda By Online

  • How do you obtain or reclaim to get the tax Identification Number.
  • Based on the circumstances under which your lost your TIN and it was for, the TIN Number were such as to transfer a car, to process VAT for a company as well as to pay for export or import taxes and other duties, whether you are you are doing it as a business or an individual, you would be required to visit the URA’s official URA in person or via the URA website and select the an option to download online forms. follow the same procedure of filling out the form and then stating the purpose to apply again in order to get a fresh Tax Identification Number.
  • If you are an individual, you must fill out the electronic tax form, DT-1001; to apply for a Tin Non-Individual registration (example for a corporation) One would have to download form DT-1002 to indicate that you’re submitting a re-application for replacement.
  • The downloaded forms can be saved to the computer or any other device for data storage, like flash disks to allow being able to edit the forms.
  • The next step is to allow macros to run on your office software on your computer and begin filling in the information needed and attach the letter stating clearly the reason you lost your number. Number.You return on URA’s website URA website and select the tax register Individual or non-individual according to the form that you have downloaded and filled the forms on. Scroll down, select a new form from the drop-down menu. Then follow the instructions to upload the forms.
  • After about 48 hours, take your hard copy of the form of the forms printed (the manual forms can be downloaded and filled in with the exact details you filled in on the online forms) and then take them to the closest URA branch with all documents required, including the Passport or other ID Document such as a National identification Card or election card.
  • The replacement for your Tin Number will be issued after reviewing the documents you have submitted in accordance with the directions of your URA staff.Who will require for some details like your name and date of birth. After that, you will get your TIN replaced. You will be asked to supply your name and birth date when you want to access your old TIN number. The process will take just a few about 15 minutes.

Agent Contacts

(There might be additional costs associated for this process). Agent’s Disclaimer

Angualia Busiku and Co. AdvocatesContact Email :,,
Contact Number : +256774477656, (256774110111)
Website: URL to website

Open Hours and Times : 8:30 am until 5:45 pm

Required Documents For Obtain or Reclaim lost TIN Number

  • Documents that can be used as proof of identity like identity card or passport
  • Certificate of Business
  • Business license for business
  • Certificate number for Business Registration
  • Documentation of the value added tax
  • Local Excise completed form Form DT-1012 Excise.

Office Locations and Contacts

URA Headquarters: Plot M193/M194,

Nakawa Industrial Area,

P.O. Box 7279 Kampala

Phone: +256 414744000,

0800117000 (toll free)



Other offices:

Kampala South is located near the Old Kampala Mosque,

Kampala North is located inside Bwaise (Mulago Kalerwe Round about


  • An TIN can be issued by Uganda Revenue Authority to every taxpayer as per the provisions of section 135(1) of ITA in addition to the section 50(1) in the VAT Act. A tin may be renewed to any person who has lost their TIN Number due to accident or by any other means legal to get an additional TIN Number from the Uganda revenue Authority.
  • Anyone who works or is involved in any revenue-generating activity for which tax, VAT or other taxes are due should have a tax identification number.
  • Any one involved in the registration/transfer of a motor vehicle Any one involved in transfer of land. Every form, notice return or other form of document, whether from a taxpayer or the Commissioner General should have an TIN.
  • If you require the TIN only to report income earned through work or the registration/ transfer of a motor vehicle , or transfer of land, you are not required to fill out the sections D and S. It is required for taxpayers to obtain Tax Identification Numbers from Uganda Revenue Authority and a tax identification number is required if you intend to enact an official tax.


The information is available no charge.But when you employ an agent for tax purposes, you will be costed between 20,000and 500,000 for the replacement, but you have to declare the loss in person.


It does not have an expiry date. A new TIN is not required but you must submit form DT-1002 in order to modify or change the information that is included on the form.

Documents to Utilize

Examples of Documents

Processing Time

The processing time is approximately 48 hours for the replacement of the TIN.


One must appear in person for the Replacement of Tax Identification Number at Uganda Revenue Authority. Uganda Revenue Authority visit the offices of the Uganda Revenue Authority to obtain an additional Tax Identification Number.

Requirements Information

  • Full names, names of parents
  • Date
  • plot number
  • street number
  • Name of the building
  • trading center for trading
  • district
  • city
  • Country
  • sub country
  • village
  • Nationality
  • telephone number
  • Physical address
  • Signature
  • Email
  • occupation
  • ID type.

The Document is required

If you’ve lost or misplaced the Tax identification number or you are unable to recall it, you can get it back in two easy steps to add your name and date of birth on the URA website. URA or go to the office of Uganda Revenue Authority in Person.or Call the Uganda Revenue Authority toll-free number 0800117000. You must provide your name and birth date,

No matter if you’re an exporter, importer, the owner of a business or an individual, business or someone else if that you’re involved in an activities that require the payment of taxes by government and registration to get this New Uganda Revenue Authority Tin number is the method of getting there.

It is worth noting that as of July 1st, 2012 URA has stopped using the PXX-XXX-XX Tin series and launched the brand new numbering system Tins 1100011 in order to facilitate the process of the recently introduced Electronic Tax (e-tax)in Uganda.

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