How to Obtain Permission to Cultivate Plants Yielding Narcotics In Uganda

Obtain Permission to Cultivate Plants Yielding Narcotics In Uganda By Yourself

  1. To be granted permission to cultivate plants that yield drug, the person seeking permission must submit a request an application to the Ministry of Health via the National Drug Authority (NDA) in writing , in the prescribed format and in the manner as directed from the Authority. visit their website by clicking the link below. National Drug Authority
    • Acts state that no one is allowed to, without the written permission by the Minister proof of which lies on the person who gave it cultivate any plant from the which a narcotic substance can be extracted.
    • Acts stipulate that the Minister prior to giving his or her approval in accordance with this section, consult with the authority before giving his or her consent, and then give consent with respect to any conditions the Minister may set out.
  2. Candidates are required to fill out their application on the form prescribed available at the National Drug Authority(IRA) headquarters.
  3. The applicant should make an application form asking permission to cultivate a plant producing narcotics, and addressed to the Director General of National Drug Authority.
  4. Complete the form in full and complete with all relevant required documents to National Drug Authority who will then forward it to Minister. In the event of omissions in the supporting documents could render the application process insufficient.
  5. The Minister must, prior to giving their consent within less than 3 months from the receipt of a complete application, meet on behalf of the National Drug Authority giving his or her approval as the Minister may specify. The Authority will prepare a thorough report on the application. The Authority shall, in the course of evaluating and preparing a report on an application, designate the members of a committee that is at least five people from the Authority that will report its findings for the Minister to be written.
  6. In evaluating an application for an authorization to cultivate plants producing narcotics, the applicant must be able to prove the accessibility status of the psychotropic substance as well as the antecedents of the applicant
    • the place where a individual is conducting the narcotics trade, whether or not it meets the necessary requirements for the operation of any narcotic drug/plant or function they are required to perform.
    • If an inspector or assistant inspector of drugs is allowed to visit, at any reasonable hour the premises where any business related to the supply or manufacture of narcotics drugs is going on.
    • as well as whether public interests will be protected following the granting of the license.
  7. After reviewing the application, pay a non-refundable license fee of(708 or 536) to the National Drug Authority (Licensing) Board.
  8. The Authority will then take a look at an application and notify applicants of their decision in 21 days of the date the application is lodged and if additional details are required, the 21-day period starts starting from the date of application’s submission with the further details.
  9. The National Drug Authority may if it is satisfied that the applicant is in compliance with the regulations of the Act and the regulations, issue a licence to the applicant subject to being paid the fee prescribed.
    • In the event that an application has to be denied If an application is rejected, the National drug Authority shall communicate its decision to the applicant within 21 days after receipt of the completed application.
  10. In this situation the applicant can contest the decision of the Minister in 14 days after the date of receiving the communication from the Authority in the event that they are dissatisfied with an authority’s decision and the Minister will take a decision within 14 days of an appeal’s date.
  11. The license is subject to conditions and terms that those of the National Drug Authority deem fit. The licensee will also be monitored and supervised through authorities of the National Drug Authority.
  12. The expiration date of a license is at the expiration of the year following the day of its issue. The license is renewed upon request on the prescribed format and following payment of the fee prescribed.

Required Documents For Obtain Permission to Cultivate Plants Yielding Narcotics

  • Send an application letter requesting permission to cultivate the plants that yield the narcotics
  • The proof of registration is required by other organizations that deal with the production of narcotics.
  • Attach a copy of a valid GMP Certificate on the application form.
  • The list of drugs to be planted must be included to the letter of application
  • A sample of each drug to be analyzed by the National Drug Authority.
  • Certification of Analysis (original copy)should be included on the application form.
  • Any supporting documentation (as required)by The National drug Authority.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Drug Authority
Secretariat Office Kampala
Plot No. 19 Rumee Towers, Lumumba Avenue,
P.O. Box 23096 Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: +256-414-255665,
Fax:(256) 41-255758
Website: National Drug Authority


  • Everyone who are involved in the production of Narcotics substances, which require clearance for cultivation yield of plants or for other specified reasons, are eligible to apply.


  • The License Fees are required to get the right to cultivate plants that yield drugs UShs. 708, 536


  • The Permission is valid for a single time use

Processing Time

  • The processing time for cultivate plants that yield Narcotics is 21 days.


  • Nobody shall possess in their possession without a legal excuse The proof is on the person who is in possession any narcotic or psychotropic drug under international supervision.

Nobody shallbe able to

  • Smoke opium or Indian hemp, or go to any location that allows the use of the opium and Indian hemp;
  • allow the premises which are owned or occupied by the owner for use by those using opium, or Indian hemp or
  • Have in their possession pipe pipes or other tools to use with the use of marijuana or Indian hemp

The Information You Need

  • The Name of the Company and its Type
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Registration Certificate Number
  • Date of incorporation
  • Addresses for physical and postal addresses of the company
  • Email and phone number
  • Applicant names
  • The source and the category of the product
  • The Product Description as well as the HS Code
  • Name of the manufacturer and address
  • Specifications of the product
  • Card details

Documentation is needed

  • The document is required to regulate cultivating plants producing drugs for public security.
  • This process provides details about how to get a the certificate or license for cultivation of plants that produce narcotic drugs in Uganda

Information that can be useful

  • Acts state that anyone violating a provision in the Act commits an offence and, if no penalty is offered, is held accountableto a fine.
    • to a fine that is not more than one million shillings.
    • to the withdrawal of the permit or license to a maximum of five years;
    • to cause items that are in violation to be confiscated and destroyed, forfeited or removed in a manner as prescribed by the Minister.
    • to imprisonment for not more than one year in prison; or
    • to any of the above penalties or for any other infraction under the Act the person is subject to a fine of not more than two million shillings or an imprisonment term not over five years or both.
  • Someone who commits an offense in violation of the Act and no other penalty is provided , is held be punished.
  • in the case of class A drugs or class A drugs, a fine of not exceeding 2 million shillings or a sentence of imprisonment that is not more than five years, or both.
  • in cases where the crime is connected to psychotropic or narcotic substances that are under international control, and it is an additional or later offense, it can lead to the term of life imprisonment;
  • in cases where the crime is related to smoking, manufacturing or possessing any psychotropic drug or substance that is under international control, and constitutes the second or more than one offense that is an amount not exceeding 10 years.
  • The Minister can, through a an instrument of statute, establish regulations that apply the provisions of subsection (1) to any other narcotics as are described within the regulation.

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