How to Obtain Permanent Residence Permit In Malawi

Obtain Permanent Residence Permit In Malawi By Yourself

  1. Prepare and gather all the documents required for your application
  2. Visit the office of the immigration department in your area to collect the application form.
  3. Complete the application form, and attach all required documents to it as one file
  4. Visit the department of immigration to fill out your application
  5. The Immigration officer will look through your application and determine that it is compliant with the conditions
  6. Once your application has been approved After verification, you must pay an upfront processing fee of 100 dollars in cash at the FDH Bank Counter, located at all of Immigration offices. You will then receive the receipt for payment.
  7. After payment, upon receipt of the PRP Application will sent by the committee on immigration for examination
  8. Following the conclusion of the committee’s processes The documents will then be forwarded directly to the Ministry of home Affairs and Internal Security to be approved by the minister.
  9. If a decision is taken, you will be informed in writing whether your application was either approved or denied. If you are approved, you must pay the applicable fees within 30 days from the date of announcement.
  10. After paying the necessary fee, you will be issued the entire PRP permit.

Register Online

  1. Access the Malawi electronic permit portal by clicking the following link Link
  2. Register an account the “Login” hyperlink in the information bar. Select “create your account” Proceed to setting your account and log in.
  3. After you’ve logged in, click “New” in the top of the page to begin your application.
  4. Open the Drop-box , then scroll down to select “Permanent Permit to Reside Permit (PRP)” as well the permit drop-box will be added to the sub-category will open, there you can select the kind of permanent residence that is suitable for your needs.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom while reading about the permit. Cross verify that you’ve got the required documents
  6. On the last page, click “Apply Right Now” to begin the process of submitting your application.
  7. Fill in all the information required on all pages, and complete your application to be processed and issued the PRP Permit

Required Documents For Obtain Permanent Residence Permit

  • Copy of Passport that includes photo and personal information
  • Letter of cover from the applicant
  • Certificate of Police Clearance was issued by Malawi Police
  • Bank Statement showing that applicant’s finances are secure
  • Medical Certificate
  • MRA Certificate when the applicant was on BRP
  • Documentation of the ownership to assets located in Malawi (If there are any) (Optional)
  • Complete the application form

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services, Malawi
Blantyre – Immigration Head Quarters
PO Box 331, Blantyre, Malawi
Telephone Number Phone Number: +265-1823777
E-Permit Contact Details: Contact Link


  • Foreign nationals who want to live in Malawi for a long time foreign wives of Malawians older people who wish to live their final years with their family in Malawi, (people of assured income) with a higher age than the dependents of a Permanent Resident Permit Holders, anyone who has been typically living in Malawi for a time that is not shorter than five years.


  • Processing costs for processing: $100
  • Fees prescribed by a physician: $10000


  • The permit is a permanent one.

Processing Time

  • Between 15 and 30 days.


  • The PRP does not have an expiry date.
  • You can include dependents in your PRP.
  • Permits are revoked If the holder fails to return to Malawi at least once within twelve months (‘ time

The Information You Need

  • Personal Details
  • Passport Details
  • Dependent Details
  • Documents uploaded

Documentation is needed

  • This permit confirms that you are able to live in Malawi for the duration of your stay.

External Links

  • Immigration department: Link



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