How to Apply For Obtain a Marriage Certificate in Hungary

Apply For Obtain a Marriage Certificate in Hungary

If all requirements are met, an office for registry can choose the date of marriage.

Required Documents For Obtain a Marriage Certificate

Similar to the mandatory information section. Same as in the required information.

Office Locations and Contacts

  • The local municipality’s registry office is located in the area where the death took place.
  • One can find the address of the local registry office on the following site: 
  • There is a section called finding an office(“Hivatalkeres?”) at the right side of the page. You must select Anyaknyvvezet? from the drop-down list followed by the Telepls the neve (place that was the birthplace, village or city) The Keress button will display the results. It will display the executive address on a map and contact information , too.

What are all the Eligibility

  • Only males with different sexes are eligible for union.
  • The couple who will be getting married can not be married.
  • They cannot be considered to be in close relationship status.
  • Participants must be over 16 years old.


It’s free to apply when the wedding takes place in Hungary.


It is valid until divorce.


The certificate is issued at the municipality’s Registry Office (Anyaknyvi Hivatal) or by the Hungarian Embassy.

The Information You Need

  • A statement that states there are no legal obstacle that could hinder the procedure.
  • A statement about the family name of the soon-to-be born child.
  • Statement regarding the children of the wife

Documentation is needed

Information regarding registration of marriage concluded abroad, although it is for the United Kingdom, the same procedure applies to every country:
The following instructions are for marriages with a new bride in Hungary.

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