How To Obtain Permission to Exhume Body In Gabon

How To Obtain Permission to Exhume Body In Gabon

Application Procedure:

  • It is recommended to contact your local Ministry of the Interior office for more details on filling out the application.
  • The request letter that is directed to the minister of the Interior. The request letter to the Minister of Interior should be signed by the closest of kin to the deceased. It must include the following locations for burial and exhumation and the date of burial, and the reason for the exhumation.
  • The request letter must be submitted along together with any documents supporting it (listed below) to verify and complete the process.
  • If the minister or designated official determines that papers are correct,, you are notified of the result and issued an exhumation permit and further instructions.

Documents that are required Permission to Exhume Body

  • An exact copy of the court’s exhumation order.
  • The copy of the ID document.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Interior for the Decentralization of Public Hygiene and Security:Address: Downtown Avenue de Cointet, BP, Libreville
Telephone:( +11) 01771009/01760532
Website: website

What Are All The Eligibility

  • The next of kin of the deceased


It is recommended to consult the ministry

Requirements Information

  • The full name of the person applying
  • Identification document number
  • The full Name of deceased
  • Relations with the deceased
  • Re-burial sites and places of exhumation
  • Date of the burial
  • The motives behind the exhumation.
  • Contact details

The Document is required Permission to Exhume Body

Exhumation refers to getting rid of grave of cremated remains due to different medical examination or legal reasons. It is against the law to disturb human remains without first getting the required legal authorization.

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How To Obtain Permission to Exhume Body In Gabon
How To Obtain Permission to Exhume Body In Gabon



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