How to Obtain Pesticide or Insecticide Residue Testing License or Permit In India

Obtain Pesticide or Insecticide Residue Testing License or Permit In India By Online

  • The laboratory that is applying for accreditation is able to contact NABL Secretariat. NABL Secretariat (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration of Laboratories) for the application form.
  • For inquiries regarding accreditation or an applications can be directed to the Information cell or to .
  • This application is accessible on the link NABL 153 Application Formula to Medical Testing Laboratories
  • The application form needs to be downloaded from the applicant laboratory. complete the form with the required details, fill in the required information and then submit it to the NABL office. NABL.
  • The essential information should be included in the application, three copies, and two copy of the high-quality manual for the CAB that will describe the management system as per to ISO/ IEC 17025: 2005 or ISO 15189 2012 or ISO/IEC17043:2010 or ISO 17034, 2016, whichever is applicable , should be submitted in NABL office. NABL office.
  • The documents supporting the application need to be attached to the application.
  • The application must be submitted by the prescribed application fee.
  • NABL Secretariat on receipt of the application form, the quality manual, and the fee sends acknowledgment of receipt to the laboratory with an ID number unique to the laboratory that is used to facilitate communication between the laboratories.
  • After scrutinizing the application for its fullness in all respects, NABL Secretariat may ask for further information or clarification(s) If necessary.
  • If there aren’t any defects within the quality manual, or after a satisfactory correction by the laboratory that applied for the accreditation A pre-assessment inspection of the laboratory will be conducted by the lead assessor who is selected by NABL. The pre-assessment conducted by NABL’s CAB (Conformity Assessment Body) is carried out to determine the non-conformities (if there is any) when implementing the quality system.
  • The assessor in charge submits the report of pre-assessment in writing to NABL Secretariat with a copy to the laboratory. The laboratory implements corrective measures regarding the issues raised with the management system that is documented and its implementation . The laboratory then is required to submit an assessment rapport for review to NABL Secretariat.
  • This status is updated on NABL’s website. NABL website. Laboratory applicants can verify the status via the website.
  • When the recommendation is a result of being accredited, NABL issues an accreditation certificate with an individual number and NABL Hologram, the discipline as well as the date of expiration along with the certificate of accreditation. The certificate is available for collection by the labs in question at the NABL office. The laboratory can also ask the authority via email to obtain the certificate.

Register Online

  • To apply online, visit the NABL Link’s official website. NABL Click Here
  • The laboratory applying for the application is required to register as an user on NABL. NABL portal. Testing and calibration laboratories can apply only under ISO/IEC 17025:2017.
  • In the case of an existing user click here to login. If you’re a brand new user, click the Register Here button.
  • You can now create a brand fresh account, by filling in the required details. The registration form is available at the bottom link.
  • On your registration, to select the type of CAB, select testing from the drop-down list of five kinds. In the form, enter your address, country City, State, and State the contact information. Enter your email address and mobile number, and then click send OTP. You will receive an OTP for your mobile number as well as email address. You must verify your mobile number as well as your email id by using the OTP.
  • Once you have entered OTP the email address and mobile number will be verified and then registration will be completed. If you successfully register you will be sent a username and password to your email ID.
  • Log into the user login for registered users and use the login credentials you have received via email. After entering the credentials, you will be directed to the changing password screen. It is mandatory for the first users to reset their password.
  • After changing the password It opens the new page, which has a the button “Create the New Application”.
  • Click on Create New Application and it will display the available options “Applying for” Select the option First Accreditation. Click on Submit.
  • After you’ve submitted your request and submitting the form, you will be taken to the Laboratory information page. Fill in the lab details including all the required information.
  • In Lab information, if you select “Yes” to “Does accreditation needed for different locations” This will create a an additional tab “Location information” which allows you to add several locations. To verify your identity you can upload and select documents. Once you have saved the forms, select Next and you’ll be taken to a new tab.
  • In new tab location details, it shows a default location. It is the place the user has entered in the details of the laboratory. Users are able to add additional locations by clicking the button “Click Here”.
  • Once you have added the location after adding location, it will redirect to the details page for the discipline.
  • To view the page detailing discipline Select the discipline of testing option from the dropdown. Then select the Group option from dropdown
  • After you’ve added Discipline Details, you will be directed to “Scope of Accreditation” tab.
  • The location tab will show the values that are in dropdowns you added in the 2nd tab Location Details. For choosing discipline, it displays those values in the dropdown that you’ve added in the Third tab, Discipline Information.
  • The name of the product or material that is mandatory to fill in However, subgroup and material/product could be the same in some instances. If CAB has chosen to test different types of facilities, the box will list all the facilities available. If the same test has to be performed at multiple locations, multiple selections could be made to avoid repeating the test.
  • Fill in the test method the year of publication, test method and the kind of range for testing.
  • Then, go to your organization after you have uploaded the necessary documents, the organization opens an additional section to fill in the details of employees. Input the details of the employee in the manner that is required.
  • Once you’ve completed the information for the organization then click on equipment, and fill in all the information necessary. The unique identification number is automatically produced by the lab by itself for every machine in its own scope within the accreditation process.
  • If the instrument is calibrated externally, the name and address of the calibration organization and the place of calibration must be mentioned in the box. If the equipment is calibrated internally the traceability information of the master equipment/reference standard used to calibrate the equipment should be listed in the box supplied.
  • After you have completed the details of the equipment after completing the form, click the “Next” option. The form will open for the reference materials.
  • After you have completed the information of the materials used for reference Click on the “Next” button. The form opens for the quality control process.
  • Once the entire form has been completed After completing the form, click on the enclosure list. If there’s any information that is missing, it will be highlighted under the pendency tab. If it is in compliance with all of the requirements, it will display a green ticks in front of it in the column of availability. If the form is completed it will display green ticks in front of it . The declaration form will appear with Terms and Conditions.
  • After you have completed all the required informationor previewing the application, After completing the application, click “Proceed to pay”. The system will request a password to complete the application. After the password has been input by the user, the application will then be completed.
  • After the final submission after final submission, the form will display “View Report button”. When you click it, you will be able to open the preview where one can also download the report as well.
  • After payment is made, the application will redirect to the declaration form. On the bottom, it displays the submit button. Click submit and it will prompt for your password.
  • When the correct password is entered After the password is correct, the application is completed successfully. The status of the application is updated on NABL’s website. NABL website.
  • The certificate may be obtained by the laboratories’ respective person, or an email can be sent by the labs to NABL to request the certificates.

Please choose the state’s name to access the State Procedure.

Required Documents For Obtain Pesticide or Insecticide Residue Testing License or Permit

  • The following documents are required
  • A copy of the completed application form
  • Laboratory Quality Copy Manual
  • Signed by NABL-131

Office Locations and Contacts

CEO NABL National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) NABL HousePlot No. 45,
Sector 44,
Gurugram 122003
Phone: 91-124-4679700
Fax: 91-124-4679799
Email for info/query:
(Landmark Landmark – Near HUDA City Centre Metro Station, Behind Fortis Hospital)
To view an inventory of the accredited labs in your state, visit the link Click on Accredited Laboratory under search for laboratory. Choose the state “DELHI”

Lab Name :AB MSAI Research Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Address:201 2nd Floor,
Aggarwal Cyber Plaza, Netaji Subhash Place,
Pitampura New Delhi DELHI INDIA
Tel No. :9582797985, 7290001650
Fax No. :011-45057597


  • When the laboratory has decided to apply for NABL recognition, the laboratory must develop a specific strategy for obtaining accreditation. Then, it should designate an individual responsible for coordinating all aspects of seeking accreditation. The person should be acquainted with the current quality system of the laboratory.
  • The lab should be familiar with pertinent NABL documents and be aware of the assessment process and method for submitting an application.
  • A laboratory that wants for accreditation by NABL must be able to provide an Quality Manual on its Quality System that meets the standards specified in the various clauses in ISO/ IEC 17025:2005 or ISO 15189:2012 or ISO/IEC 17043:2010, or ISO 17034:2016 or ISO 17034:2016, whichever is applicable and the requirements of applicable NABL specific requirements and criteria to establish the status of its current quality system and its technical proficiency.
  • The candidate for Quality Manager must have completed a formal 4-day training on management system as well as internal audits based on the relevant norms
  • The laboratory that is applying for accreditation must have completed at least one internal audit as well as a management review prior to the submission of the application.
  • The laboratory should be sure that the processes described within the Quality Manual and other documents are followed. In the event that the laboratory conducts tests or calibration on the premises the laboratory must also be in compliance the NABL 130 “Specific criteria for site testing and calibration laboratories.” NABL 130 “Specific criteria for site testing and calibration laboratories.”


The fee for online applications of Rs .11000 plus tax added of Rs . 1980 are paid. The total amount of Rs 12980 is been paid to the candidate. The amount paid is based on the amount that is set by NABL and can change in line with the NABL.


The validity of the accreditation is two years, with an annual monitoring and re-assessment at the interval of two years.

Documents to Utilize

New User Registration Form – Application Form
Accreditation Documents Links NABL 153 Application For Medical Testing Laboratories
Procedure for updating details Procedure Form for updating details Formulation for Procedure

Examples of Documents

The application form sample filling procedure can be found via the link below. User application for form Application Form Link

Processing Time

The time frame for assessment will normally be five days depending on the assessment scope.


  • To get a pesticide or residue testing permits, the laboratory needs to be accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration of Laboratories (NABL) in the area of chemical testing in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 to ensure the authenticity of the data.
  • Laboratory is required to fill in the required information first, and then the data will be stored in the future.
  • The laboratory must complete the required information accurately and in a systematic manner as it is one of the most important aspects of accreditation.
  • The laboratory is responsible for the data provided in the form, regardless of the individual filling out the form.
  • Incomplete or inaccurate information supplied intentionally when filling in the required information is regarded as “Misleadingor Fraud / Malpractice” and a disciplinary action as per NABL 216 are taken and could result in being able to cancel the assessment.
  • All test reports that are issued for accreditation in Integrated Assessment shall bear NABL symbol, in accordance with NABL 133 , ‘Policy on the Utilization of NABL Symbol and/or accredited conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) and NABL Accredited CAB Combination ILAC MRA Mark’

The Information You Need

  • Laboratory Information
  • Accreditation Details
  • Organization
  • Materials for Equipment as well as Reference Materials
  • Internal Audit and Management Review
  • Proficiency Testing

The Document is required

  • Accredited laboratories play a crucial part throughout the value chain to ensure security of the products and services. Being one of NABL accredited laboratory that is in compliance to ISO/IEC 17043 gives the organization credibility in their proficiency Testing services.
  • Performance improvement in tests or calibrations after an investigation, and the identification of the cause(s) of the poor testing performance, and the implementation of corrective actions to prevent repetition.
  • Assessment of the methods used, which includes the measurement of method precision and accuracy.

Information that can be useful

  • If NABL or any other authority (who have given approval under the integrated assessments) receive any complaint regarding any accredited, recognized or recognized laboratory, a team comprised of NABL as well as the relevant regulatory authority as well as any other expert, if deemed necessary, will be established and a jointly investigated out. If serious violations or suspicious activities are found the appropriate action, including suspension or removal of recognition and accreditation (or) approval may be implemented.
  • Accreditation and Recognition/Approval of laboratories for testing through integrated assessment will be subject to annual surveillance visits to confirm the continuous compliance with the standards.
  • NABL is willing to accept complaints about its accreditation-related actions.



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