How to Obtain Permission or License for Transporting Hazardous and Other Waste In India

Obtain Permission or License for Transporting Hazardous and Other Waste In India By Yourself

  • To request a permit to transportation of Hazardous or other hazardous wastes on one’s own home, the person needs to go to the Regional Office for the Pollution Control Committee.
  • Go to the Regional Office and get the Application form. You can also use the link below to download the application form. Link
  • Complete the application by providing the necessary information and details according to the requirement to transport hazardous and other wastes. Mark the “Transportation” checkbox under “Authorisation required” in the Part A of the application form. The form must be signed by the signature of the applicant.
  • Check to see if you possess all of the documentation listed in the “Required documents” section on this page. Include all the necessary documents listed.
  • Then, the application should be then submitted at The District Environmental Engineer who will take the application and accompanying documents under examination and determine for any flaws.
  • If there is anything that is found, it is returned to the business online within seven days of the date of the application. The company is required to submit the application again or provide a proper explanation for the issue.
  • The amended application has been now being submitted for Inspection of Site and examined by the responsible Engineer.
  • If an inspection reveals any inaccuracy If the inspection finds any incorrect information, the DEE will return the form within 24 hours after inspection and collect the correct information on line.
  • If all the supplied information is deemed to be adequate by the Engineer in question If the Engineer concerned is satisfied, the Inspection Report is to be sent within 24 hours, without delay.

Following further processing after the process, the physical copy of authorized Authorization order will be sent within one day of approval to the applicant.

Required Documents For Obtain Permission or License for Transporting Hazardous and Other Waste

  • Covering Letter
  • The list and quantity of raw Materials used
  • List and Quantity of Products produced
  • Production process and source for the generation of hazardous waste
  • Copy of the Agreement signed in conjunction with the TSDF
  • Copy of the most current consent order/renewal that was issued

Office Locations and Contacts

Delhi Pollution Control Committee,6th floor C wing
Delhi Secretariat, I P Estate,
Delhi – 110002.
Contact Link


  • Industries must apply for Authorization only after they have received the consent/renewal valid order.
  • It is difficult to dispose of hazardous wastes effectively disposed of by an unorganized association. A dedicated operating organization can only provide solutions. Authorities from the regulatory and industrial sectors shouldtherefore create these operating agencies.


Contact the authorities concerned to find out the fees cost structure.


The authorization is valid for a time period which is 5 years.


  • It is essential to ensure that applicants have not completed applications (either consent or HWA or BWA) with multiple User ID to identify the place of business.
  • In addition, the report of inspection will be provided to industries as an attachment with authorization. A provision has been added to the HWA module to ensure that, when authorization is granted and the application is closed following approval, authorization as well as information are available to industry to download.

Thus, the customers must specify in the second requirement to state that IR is linked to authorization in the process of preparing the authorization orders’.

The Document is required

This authorization is necessary for the transportation of hazardous wastes with the consent from authorities responsible for pollution Control authorities.



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