How to Obtain Proof of Permanent Address In Bolivia

Obtain Proof of Permanent Address In Bolivia By Online

The first step is to have first a Memorial written by a lawyer who requests the certificate. In addition, you’ll need an array of documents to support it, that includes full confirmation of the specifics of your home, as well as duplicates of Carnets and two other witnesses that can confirm the fact that you reside in the property.

After you have submitted your application the office will schedule an appointment to bring you into the police station. follow a police official to your home to verify your residence there.

After they have verified the address of your residence, they then prepare the certificates that are available for collection on the next day.

Required Documents For Obtain Proof of Permanent Address

  • Photocopie of your visa, passport, and entry stamp
  • Photocopy of your residence contract (e.g. lease) and the owner’s statement (if your name isn’t in the document) and a photocopy of the owner’s identification document, with a note written by hand that you reside on the owner’s property.
  • Photocopy of the property’s card or real estate records or most recent property tax that was that the property owner has paid.
  • A photocopy of the most recent month’s water and electric utility bills.
  • Photographic copies of the identity papers for 2 Bolivian or other foreign witness who are in the area , together with an unwritten statement of proof that you are a resident of the area.
  • An esquired map of the region that shows the exact position and the location of the home.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Task Force Against Crime
Address: Street
Z. Sopocachi, Aranzaes nro.100
Phone: (591) 2410047

Police Contacts

How to Obtain Proof of Permanent Address In Bolivia
How to Obtain Proof of Permanent Address In Bolivia


The right to permanent residence can be granted to a non-native citizen who is seeking to remain permanently within the nation.


Registro Domiciliario Bs25.00


It is possible to get this at the station of police (called PTJ) where you need to obtain the certificate that states you live in the country you claim to live in Bolivia.

The Information You Need

  • Full names of the applicants
  • Birth date
  • Maiden’s surname as well as the other surnames that were previously was
  • Date and number of your permit to stay (immigration permits) and, if none is available, the year that your application for permanent residence was submitted.
  • Any reference number (Home Affairs/Immigration)
  • Date of first arrival to Bolivia
  • Identification number
  • Passport number
  • Birthright nationality
  • Current citizenship
  • Addresses for postal mail
  • Telephone (work and home)
  • Signature
  • Declaration

The Document is required

The people who have been granted permanent residency in a nation are generally given some form of documentation document to prove the status.

Information that could be helpful

Documents that are accepted as proof:

  • deed of purchase for residential property
  • Home insurance policy
  • An attestation from the employer
  • the proof of registration in the educational establishment in Bolivia
  • Lease of apartment (all pages)
  • Notice of taxation for schools or municipal taxes
  • An invoice for the Internet service provider or phone or cable television company
  • An energy company’s invoice (heating electric)
  • Letter from the Rgie de l’assurance maladie du Qubec that confirms that the plan is eligible for Qubec Health Insurance Plan
  • Letter confirming that you are an eligible beneficiary of this program. Social Assistance Program or the Social Solidarity Program
  • Bolivia driver’s license

Other uses for the document/certificate

For a long-term Visa it is necessary to register with a fixed residence and submit the certificate that proves that you don’t have a criminal convictions in Bolivia.

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Certain documents must be executed by the Bolivian neighbor confirming that you live in the area you claim to be and by an attorney (another fifty Bolivianos). Both must provide you with photoscopies of the ID card they have.

It is only possible to fill them in after you have a legal document that proves that you have rented the property that you claim you’re renting. You’ll also require colour copies of your passport as well as your the landlord’s identification card. In addition, you need the proof that your landlord paid the tax and their utility bills.

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