How to Obtain a Police Clearance / Good Conduct Certificate In Bolivia

Obtain a Police Clearance / Good Conduct Certificate In Bolivia By Online

Application process within Bolivia.

a. Apply in-person
  1. PCC can be applied at FELCC (Fuerza Especial de Lucha Contra el Crimen) at any local ‘Bolivian Police Transit Office’.
  2. Contact information: Background certificate Please refer to the webpage to find the requirements.
  3. How to Obtain a Police Clearance / Good Conduct Certificate In Bolivia
    How to Obtain a Police Clearance / Good Conduct Certificate In Bolivia
  4. Applications forms are available at the appropriate office or downloaded at this URL: CRIMINAL RECORD
  5. Make your way to the appropriate office. Be sure to bring the document’s required copy together with the originals in the offices.
  6. Follow the official guidelines and then submit your application with all the required the required documents.
  7. The applicant is responsible for all costs if necessary as per the instructions.
  8. The application will be handled by the department responsible for it.
  9. The certificate is available from the location where the applicants applied in person. It it will be sent by mail after notification or issuing as per guidelines.

Application process – outside.

a. Apply at the consulate or embassy.
  1. The applicant can apply at their nearest consulate or embassy in person. The link to find the consulate or embassy: Government / Embassies and Consulates
  2. Applications can be requested at the consulate or embassy.
  3. Contact the office to set up an appointment to meet with a representative. Find out more details of this process.
  4. On the day you have been scheduled on the date you have been given, visit the office with all of the documents in original form and in a the original copy. Follow the officer’s instructions for processing your application.
  5. The application will be handled by the relevant department. The certificates that are completed are sent to the concerned.
  6. The applicant should take the certificate to the office of their choice upon notification or request to have it as per the rules that are applicable.

Required Documents For Obtain a Police Clearance / Good Conduct Certificate 

Specific to a country

  • Identity document valid (identity card passport, driving license, or passport).
  • Valid passport.
  • Document of the Citizen or proof for National Identity (DNI).
  • Foreign national
  • A photocopy of your passport that you have taken while being in Bolivia.
  • A duplicate of your permit for staying in Bolivia as well as your passport’s number and the place of issue and.
  • Legal proof of stay (copy of passport issued during that time period, along with the appropriate stamp and seal).

In general

  • Application: CRIMINAL Record
  • Valid proof of citizenship with a picture (respective identity cards issued by the respective country).
  • E-mail ID (useful to let you know of problems with your application)
  • Self-addressed envelopes that are addressed to the addressee either with stamps or no (as is required).
  • Contact number valid (applicant is able to be shared)
  • Passport-size photos.
  • Birth certificate (as per requirement).

Office Locations and Contacts

Edificio de la Policia Tecnica Judicial (Identificacion),
Calle Sucre – Plaza Murillo
La Paz, Bolivia.
Telephone: 591-2-2203792
Fax: 591-2-2203658

Contacts: Background certificateEmbassies & Consulates Bolivia police


  • The applicant must have a valid passport and an acceptable address proof.
  • Age: 15 years old and over. If minors are involved applicants, the application should be signed by the parent with parental authority, if minor is not yet sixteen years old.
  • The location of the applicant has to be identical to the address on the passport along with other documents supporting it.
  • The applicants must be in need of residence status, employment, or a long term visas or to be admitted to a country that is not their own.


  • Bs. 25 (3.5 USD)
  • Fee/charge is different from the particular the case. Fee requirements that are updated will be announced by the relevant authorities when applying.


Validity standards differ between countries.

Processing Time

  • If the person applying for the disclosure requests an immediate public disclosure (local search or disclosure of records only within the department/city where he or was requesting) the certificate will be issued within 24 hours.
  • If an international search is required, it could take anywhere from 3 to 7 days.
  • The processing time varies according to the country in which it was the application was made.

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Bolivia – Apply for A Police Clearance/Good Conduct Certificate (PCC)


This document will list the convictions or absence of record. The applicant must apply in person. If you are applying from outside of Bolivia the Bolivians as well as foreign nationals have to submit an application in writing to the Director of National for INTERPOL with the original document of identification (passport or cedula.) as well as information about their the place of residence as well as the contact number.

Requirements Information

  • Your name is
  • Passport number
  • Address in Bolivia
  • The place of residence
  • Telephone number
  • Residential contract (e.g. lease)

Documentation is needed

The Good Conduct Certificate can be a replica your criminal record, or a declaration that you do not have a criminal history. Good Conduct Certificates differ in every nation and region.

It also states that you do not have any criminal records against you during a particular amount of time that is stated on the certification.

Information that could be helpful

You’ll have to call the police officials in the region where you resided.

Other uses for the document/certificate

It is required for certain visas (specific reason, student, and other courtesy) and proves that you don’t have a criminal history beyond Bolivia.

In order to apply for an extended-term visa it is necessary to register as a permanent resident and obtain the certificate that proves that you don’t have a criminal history in Bolivia.

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If the person applying for the application requests an individual disclosure of records (local search and public disclosures only within the department or city where he/she applied) was submitting the application) the certificate will be issued within 24 hours. If the request is for a national search it could take 3 to 7 days.

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