How to Obtain Residence Certificate In Norway

Obtain Residence Certificate In Norway By Online

  1. You can request a copy of your Residence Certificate on the internet or via email.
  2. You will need to sign in to Altinn for ordering – Link
  3. When you buy your certificate, you are able to compose a note on the “inquiry” field about who and when you will utilize the certificate. In the same area you can also indicate whether you require an English or Multilingual Certificate, if available in multiple languages.
  4. It takes about 3 working days for your request to be completed. Your certificate is delivered to the address you have registered on the National Registry.

Office Locations and Contacts

Tax Offices

Telephone: 800 80 000 For international callers Please dial (+47 2207 70 00.For English menu, press 9.

Note: Calls made up to 80080000 from a landline in Norway are completely free. If you are calling from a mobile, and for International calls, you rate of subscription applies.

Norwegian Embassies


Certificate of Residence is only issued upon request by:

  • The person who the certificate relates to
  • The spouse/registered spouse
  • A close relative (must have the ability to demonstrate the fact that they have a legitimate requirement to obtain the certificate)
  • Public authority
  • Guardian or guardian assistant

Note: Certificates cannot be issued to those who are identified as having emigrated.

Processing Time

It can take three working days for your inquiry to be considered, and the certificate to be mailed to you.


You can purchase certificates by email or on the internet.

Requried Document For Obtain Residence Certificate

A residence certificate contains details about a person’s residence address as well as how long the individual has resided in a specific area.

Information that can be useful

  • Certificates are not sent via email.
  • It is not possible to hand over tax-related documents at the tax office.
  • If the certificate is intended to be used in another country You must submit it to the County Governor for an the apostille, and then you must specify the country you want to apply to.

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