How to Online Apply Duplicate OCI Card In India

Step 1:First one must ensure that all required documents are present to fill out an online application. If you’d like learn more about the documents required to complete this process, follow the link : Required Documents for getting a duplicate OCI Card
Step 2:Please click the following hyperlink to apply online : Apply online.
Step 3:There are going to be an announcement by the government. Check out the details and click “Close” button, which appears in RED in the image below.
Step 4:In the homepage Click the “Click Here to Proceed” button on the bottom, which is highlighted in red in the image below.
Step 5:In the resultant page it is recommended to choose the “OCI Miscellaneous Service” option highlighted in yellow. Read the instructions and then click the “Proceed” button that will be highlighted with RED in the image below.
Step 6:A brand new page with directions are displayed. Read the information and then check the box next to the “I am aware of the directions” option that is highlighted in Yellow. Click the “Accept” option at bottom of the page to access the next page that is highlighted in red in the image below.
Step 7:Here is the captcha to enter. Please type in the captcha you want to use in the textbox provided and then click the “Enter” button, which is highlighted in red.
Step 8:In the resultant page you will need to select the “Fresh Application” option highlighted in red in the following image, and you will be taken to your application forms page.
Step 9:In this webpage, fill in the form with the correct information and then click the “Proceed” button, which is highlighted in red in the image below.
Step 10:Applicant must follow the remainder of the steps in accordance with the requirements outlined including uploading documents and images according to the requirements.
Step 11:Once your online form has been successful, the applicant will receive an acknowledgement. Save it for later use.
Step 12:Please comply with the instruction to meet the officials designated at the Indian Post/Mission/FRROs concerned. Send the originals of the documents you online to be cross-checked.
Step 13:Once the documents have been confirmed, the proper action from the official is taken to proceed further.
Step 14:Applicant receives a proper acknowledgement and notification via their email address.
Step 15:The remaining internal procedure grants duplicate OCI card as per the notification.



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