How to Online Apply Drug License (Retail and Wholesale – Pharmacy) In India

Step 1:First one must make sure that all necessary documents are available to fill out an online application. If you’d like to learn more about the documents required for this procedure, you can follow the link : Required Documents for applying for a Drug License
Step 2:Please click the link below to fill out an online application : Apply online.
Step 3:In the provided page, click”Apply Online “Apply Online” tab in the left side of the screen. This will take you to the next page. Take a look at the image below, which has been highlighted in Yellow.

Step 4:Now utilize your login credentials and click the “Login” tab that appears in RED. If you’re a brand new user, click “CLICK HERE to sign up” option that appears in Yellow in the image below.

Step 5:If you select “CLICK HERE to register” option, then a the registration form will appear. Fill in all the information and then click the “Register” tab, which appears highlighted in RED in the below picture.

Step 6:After the registration process, click on “Request” option on the dashboard. Check out the image below which is colored in RED.

Step 7:Now the registration form will be displayed. Complete all the required information and then click the “SUBMIT” tab. It will be highlighted with RED in the image below.

Step 8:In the following screen, complete the sections such as Registered Pharmacist Competent Person, Constitutional Information. After you have completed each section, click the “SUBMIT” tab that will be highlighted with RED in the image below. Next, click “UPLOAD documents” tab, which will be marked in RED.

Step 9:In this page , you will need to upload at least 9 files for the submission of the application. After that, click the “SUBMIT” tab that appears in RED in the image below.

Step 10:After successful submission of your application , you will receive an acknowledgement receipt. Keep it safe to use in the future.
Step 11:This application is processed further. Applicant will be informed of update to the process.
Step 12:Drug inspector will examine the premises to verify the accuracy of the premises.
Step 13:After the inspection has been completed The person who is competent will be required to show up to an interview.
Step 14:Once all of the above processes is completed, the Controller of Drugs will issue the license for drugs.
Step 15:Applicant will download the appropriate certificate.



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