How to Online Police Clearance Certificate (Police Certificate) In United Kingdom

Step 1:First one should ensure that all required documents are present to be able to apply online. If you’d like be aware of the required documents to complete this process, follow the link : Required Documents for Police Clearance Certificate
Step 2:Please follow the link to apply online: Apply online.
Step 3:In this page, look down and find “Apply” alternative. Look at the image below, which is indicated in RED.
Step 4:Please follow the steps carefully, and then click the checkbox, which appears in Yellow If you require an official police document to be used for immigration or visa purposes. After that, click the “Start the Application” tab, which appears highlighted in RED in the image below.
Step 5:Now you’ll be directed to the application page. Complete the “Personal Information” section and then click “Go Step 2” that is marked in RED in the image below.
Step 6:Next you’ll be directed to the “Contact” Section. You will need to enter your contact details, including email address and phone number. Click “Go to step 3” option that will be highlighted RED in the image below.
Step 7:Likewise complete all sections and then click the “Go to” ….” option” at the bottom on each of the pages. Be sure to complete each of the sections highlighted in the image below.
Step 8:The application is examined by the relevant department. The certificate will be issued according to in accordance with the regulations.



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