How to change a Name (Deed Poll) In India

Change a Name (Deed Poll) In India By Yourself

  • The initial step in the process of changing names is to acquire an official stamp.
  • The affidavit should include your father’s name, your address of residence, your present name and your new name.
  • The third step is to call the offices of any major local newspaper and announce the change in your name clearly stating the name you are currently using and your father’s or husband’s name along with your address as well as your new name.
  • Make sure your new name is published on The Official Gazette. The details are in the form below.
  • Make an application to the Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines Delhi-54 to request him to release the advertisement above for a the change of your name. The list of documents to be attached is listed in the Section Documents below.
  • In the case of minors, the name change form needs to be filled out by the parents
  • After the name has been published The version of the gazette is required to be submitted when applying for government documents (passport pan card, passport, etc.)

Required Documents Required For Change a Name (Deed Poll)

  • Attested affidavit
  • The document you created that includes your signature as well as two other witnesses’ signatures
  • Two passport size photographs
  • The first advertisement was printed in the newspaper.
  • The cost of printing for public notice of a name change are Rs. 700per name change and Rs. 990 for public notice. The payment must be paid in cash in advance or via Demand Draft/India Postal Order made in favour of Director of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-54.
  • The cost of advertising for changing names on the Gazette of India for Indian living overseas is the amount of Rs. 2300/-. This includes airmail costs too.
  • The additional copy of the Gazette are provided (to the limit of 2 ) with a fee of the amount of Rs. – 35/- per copy.
  • Cash and cash-pay can be done in person
  • The documents to be sent must not exceed one year old.
  • The documents you send not exceed one year in age. It is important to note that once they are sent the documents will not be returned. Therefore, ensure that you save adequate copies or copies of the documents that you would like preserve.’
  • Aadhaar Card

If the person takes the name of another religion but does not alter his/her faith, then he/she has to submit an affidavit and signed by an SDM to prove that he/she has did not change his/her faith. The cost for this type of advertisement is the amount of Rs. 900/-

This kind of issue for changing Religion should be reported in the media as well as on the form you create by securing the signature from two persons.

Office Locations and Contacts


Indian Missions Abroad


There are many possible reasons for a person to want for a name change. Name changes are usually needed after marriage , when the surname has to be altered on official documents like passports. Another trend that is gaining momentum.


  • Stamp Paper Stamp Paper – Rs5 or Rs10
  • Printing Fee: Rs 700$

Extra Copies (Maximum 2 copies) Each copy costs Rs 35

Processing Time

It can take as long as six months, and it could involve several trips to local offices in order to ensure that all documents are organized and certified. There are fees to be paid each step of the procedure.


NRIs applying to change their the name of their first or surname, or both, must put advertisements in this regard in a prominent newspaper that is associated with their regular residency in the nation that they reside in as well as in a leading daily newspaper in the area of their permanent residence in India. Original copies of these ads (newspaper page) together with a sworn statement in the format specified must be provided along with the application. This is required when a passport change is typically requested under the name of a change.

The Information You Need

  • Your name is listed on the birth certificate or on citizenship or immigration documents.
  • The full name that you are applying to change (if you’re making a change to your identity).
  • Place and date of birth
  • Details about marital status and other details
  • The places of residence for the past three months
  • Address for correspondence

The Document is required

  • If you have or are planning to use an alternative name to the name you registered There are no laws that require to change your name in a formal manner. However, it is recommended to change your name legally in order to prove your identity and to prove your name change.
  • Name change is generally the legal process by an individual who adopts an identity that is different to their birth name or marriage. The procedure and the ease of changing names differ across the jurisdictions.
  • If you’re over aged 18 (for minors, refer to below) and would like to change your name to India first, all you must make is to announce the change of your name in the local top daily newspaper.
  • Name changes could be required by various states, organizations or nations due to the fact that they do not adhere to the format you currently use. It could also be due to the preference of an individual due to any reason. You are legally entitled to alter your name.

Information that could be helpful

  • Request the change of name by submitting an application to the Magistrate’s First Class offices that has jurisdiction over your home area. They can also attest the document. You can also have the affidavit certified by a notary public or an the oath commissioner. If you’re an Indian living abroad, the affidavit should be endorsed by the appropriate Indian Embassy as well as the Indian High Commission.
  • On a blank piece of paper, write the information that is provided in the document reference 2 giving details of your previous name, the name you’d like to take and your father’s or husband’s address and name, as well as the name of your employer. Complete your name on this Proforma before two persons, and make them also sign the document.
  • Advertise in one of the local daily papers, with the name of your husband or father’s and address, along with the plan of changing your address. Make sure you get the original advertisement, as is published in your newspaper.
  • You can either visit personally or mail by registered mail: the original advertisement, Proforma, attested affidavit and two passport photos attested by the authorities. Pay the amount to have your name change published on the Gazette of India Part IV. It is necessary to pay the sum (in between Rs. 700 and 700 to Rs. 700 at the time of 2009) must be made in in cash or through Demand Draft/Indian postal Intimation drawn in favour of Director of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-54. The above-mentioned documents must be delivered to the same address.
  • Find an official copy of the Gazette that show where the name change was published. Use it to verify your name change whenever needed. Two additional copies are available at an additional cost of approximately 35 rupees. 35 per copy. For Indians who reside abroad the cost of advertising a name change within The Gazette of India is Rs. 2300/-, which includes international postage.

Other uses for the document/certificate

You might want you to alter your name due to:

  • You just got married
  • You’ve been divorced
  • Just want to change your mind
  • If adoption is the case,

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  • How to go about changing your name depends on the category you fall into. The process of changing your name after divorce or marriage is easy, whereas changing your name simply because’ may require a bit more effort, however it is still fairly straightforward and much more simple than it was in the past.
  • If you want to alter your identity, you must submit an application to the area Superior Court that details the reasons why you’d like to change your name. If the court accepts your petition, it will have to change the information on your Social Security card, driver’s license, and passport.



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