How to Open a New Bank Account In Bangladesh

Open a New Bank Account In Bangladesh By Online

  1. Opening a bank account is easy. It is as easy as going to the new accounts department of the bank, and inform the bank representative what kind of account you would want to open. The link to a variety of banking institutions in Bangladesh is listed below.
  2. Take a look at the list of documents that you have to provide when applying for an account for the first time. You may also call the bank prior to going in to ensure you have all the necessary documents.
  3. Complete all of the necessary forms and give it to the officer to be verified.
  4. The bank representative will request the other documents required and the amount you wish to transfer to your account.
  5. The documents you submit will be scrutinized and, once everything is correct, they will approve an application for you and will issue your passbook or bank account within a matter of minutes.

Foreign Currency Account Opening

Bangladeshi citizens who reside in other countries, foreign nationals who reside in or abroad Bangladesh Foreign companies with a registered office abroad with operations in Bangladesh or in other countries, as well as foreign missions as well as their expatriate employees working in Bangladesh are able to open foreign Currency (FC) account.

  1. To create an account in a foreign Currency Account, you’ll be required to contact the Branch Manager.
  2. You must notify the manager of:
    1. Which currency would you like to do business in?
    2. The name of the person who holds the account
    3. Passport number,
    4. Date of passport’s issuance
    5. Identification of passport authority issuing the passport,
    6. Present foreign address,
    7. Addresses in current locality,
    8. Phone number,
    9. Address of the candidate.

Required Documents For Open a New Bank Account

Joint and Individual Accounts (Salary as well as Current):

  • Banks prescribed application for opening accounts (to be filled out by the person applying in front of the bank staff),
  • Two passport-sized photographs from the account holder(s) and affixed by an introducer
  • The card is a specimen signature (to be at the time of signing by the applicant front of bank staff),
  • Estimated profile of the transaction, and
  • The following identity documentation (current valid passport/ valid driving licenceor voter ID card/armed ID card for the forces/ Bangladeshi employee ID card that bears the signature and photograph of the applicant/a document issued by any government entity like Union Council chairman, ward commissioner, etc.).
  • Tin
  • One passport-sized photo from the nominee(s) certified by the account the account holder.

Note: All photocopies must be checked against the original, and then attested by an authorized official of the bank.

Sole Proprietorship Account:

  • Banks prescribed account opening form. (to be filled out by the person applying in front of the bank staff),
  • Two passport size photos of the owner attested by the introducer
  • Signature card Specimen (To be at the time of signing by the applicant front of the bank’s staff),
  • Copy of valid license for trade issued by the Local Authority of the Government (city corporation, forashava union parishad, etc. ),
  • A Permission issued by Bangladesh Bank (for buying house or indenting companies),
  • Tax ID issued by the income tax authorities, and
  • The identity of the owner of the company must be verified by one of the documents mentioned in the individual or joint customer categories. If the license for trade has the signature and photo of the proprietor, it is not needed.

A Limited Company Account

  • Banks prescribed application for opening a new account
  • A certified replica of the memorandum as well as articles of association for the company.
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificate of beginning of business (for private limited corporations only)
  • The extract of the Board resolution approving the account’s opening and the authority to sign
  • Director’s list with the address of the Director,
  • Photograph of signatories
  • Copy of valid trade licence,
  • Signature of the Introducer on the form for opening an A/C, and on the back of the photograph(s) of the account holder(s),
  • Names of the people with appointment letter and the Specimen Signature of the persons who are authorized to manage the account, as well as
  • The identity of the personal identities of all director(s) or the beneficial owner(s) owners of the company must be verified by any of the documents listed in the joint or individual customer category.

Account for Partnership Firms:

  • Banks have a prescribed Account Opening Application Form, signed by the bank’s partners in front of the respective bank personnel
  • A certified Copy of Partnership Deed/ Agreement,
  • The list of Partners with Address,
  • A copy of the resolution adopted by the meeting of the Partners,
  • Original copy of an active Trade License,
  • Photograph of the signatories/Partners,
  • Signature card specimen (To have it signed by signers in front of their respective bank employees,
  • Signature of the Introducer on the form for opening an A/C, and at the bottom of the photograph(s) of the account holder(s),
  • The identities of all partners and directors should be confirmed according to the rules of personal clients. If a formal partnership agreement exists, a directive from the partnership that authorizes accounts to be opened and conferring authority to those responsible for operating it must be obtained.
  • The evidence of the address for trading of the partnership or business must be sought along with an exact copy of the most recent account and report (audited when appropriate) and
  • A statement of the essence of the partnership or business should be determined (but not required to be verified by the agreement to form a partnership) to make sure that it serves a legitimate reason for being there.

Office Locations and Contacts

Central Information Unit for Bangladesh Bank
A.S.M. Nurur Rahman
Joint Director Human Res Department-1
Phone: +880-255665001-20/21315

Hotline to handle customer complaints:
Dial 16236
Fax : 88-2-9511771

URLs to Scheduled Banks of Bangladesh, Financial Institutes, and important government financial institutions and other organizations.

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