How To Pay Single Income Tax for Natural Person In Cape Verde

How To Pay Single Income Tax for Natural Person In Cape Verde

Apply in-person By Yourself:

  • Check out the Ministry of Finance and planning office to get the required applications forms (from 1B).
  • Complete the application form according to the instructions and then submit it along together with the other necessary documents to the front office of the finance department.
  • The official will take your documents for the application and will verify them to ensure they’re correct.
  • If your application is approved and the application is approved, you will receive with a confirmation of of tax basis the tax you have paid
  • Pay your tax , and then get a payment guide stamped.


The notice will be sent by registered mail in person, or via public notice that is to be posted by the office of taxation.

Documents that are required Pay Single Income Tax for Natural Person

  • Form 1B
  • Identification documents
  • Payment guide

Office Locations and Contacts

MINISTRY OF FINANCE AND PLANNING:Avenida Amilcar Cabral, no 63, Cape Verde, Praia
Tel: +238 261 41 49 / +238 261 43 78

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Any natural person or company who earn income within the national territory are obliged for payment of IUR.


  • 15 15% (On the annual global income) However, application fees are completely free


  • Each year

Documents to Utilize

Form B Form

Processing Time

A minimum of three to six months


Legal persons (companies) as well as individuals who have an annual total income that is less than 5 million escudos are liable for tax by the verification process that consists in determining an amount of tax. Mediante analysis and the precise supervision of organized instability of a company or an individual through Finance.

Documentation is needed

The law requires you to pay taxes if you meet specified criteria for taxation

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