How to Permission to Erect a New Lift or Elevator In India

Permission to Erect a New Lift or Elevator In India By Yourself

  • The proprietor of the property who plans to build or install an Escalator or Lift must submit an application to their Divisional Electric Inspector (DEI).
  • In the office and meet with the authority designated. Check with the authority about your needs. Check that the lift erection firm is approved by the authority. Download the application form, or fill out an A4 form in accordance with the guidelines.
  • Follow the link below to download online the application Form link
  • Print the application. Fill in the form with the correct details.
  • Send the completed application form along with the original treasury challan , along with the required documents, as specified in the section on required documents below to the authority designated for receiving.
  • Once the application has been received After receiving the application, the authority accepting it will review the application and the documents. If everything is in order An acknowledgement is issued for acceptance of the application. The application will be further processed.
  • The applicant receives an SMS message via their registered mobile number about the various steps of the procedure.
  • An inspector or technician will be on the premises according to the address provided on the form.
  • He must perform the required diligence required to get approval for the lifting or elevator.
  • The outcome is recorded, and it will then be sent to the department that issued the report.
  • If all the steps above are completed and the process is approved, approval will be given.
  • The applicant must follow the department’s notice and adhere to the rules of the authorities for obtaining the sanction notice in accordance with the acceptable (hand delivered or via post) guidelines.


  • It is suggested to submit another set of copies of your application as well as documents for counter signing for your protection when you apply to the government department.
  • Visit your acquaintance or the area where this elevator or lift has been put in place recently to gain valuable details.

Required Documents For Permission to Erect a New Lift or Elevator

  • The application was completed “Form A” in collaboration with the lift company.
  • For a business the memorandum of association and Articles of Association.
  • In the case of a partnership, you must sign a corporate partnership deed, it must include tax-paying details.
  • Authorization letter to the signatory. In the case of a partnership company, all members of the partnership and, in the case of a registered corporation, not less than two thirds of the total number of Directors can decide and authorize the signed signatory for the purpose of signing an application complete report, etc.
  • Copy of the latest tax (land/khata) payment receipt
  • Three copies of drawings, approved by the applicant and licensed electrician with a wiring diagram for the entire lift installation , including earthing scheme
  • Copy of the approval received through the Urban Local Body concerned for the Building Plan
  • Notarized document by the person who has been authorized for the erection of a Lift or Escalator
  • Original Treasury Challan
  • Aadhaar card
  • Include duplicate copies of drawings completed by the applicant as well as an the person who is authorized by Lift Company, showing
    • Layout of the lifterection
    • Plan
    • Section Elevation
    • The arrangement of doors
    • Lift well Enclosure
    • The size and location of the machine with respect to the lifting well
    • The position of the hoisting machine
    • The number of floors that will be served, as well as the total amount of travel


As well as the previously listed documents, the applicant must provide any additional documents in accordance with the authority’s instructions.

Office Locations and Contacts

Chief Electrical Inspector for Government.Office Of The Electrical Inspector.
5-Sham Nath Marg Delhi-110054
Contacts Link


  • New construction projects that have the proper approval is required to this approval.
  • Active consumers whose homes require the installation of a lift or elevator must be considered.


  • Please pay according to the charges that are in accordance with the needs.
  • Fees are to be paid in the form of cash under the appropriate heading of account as prescribed from time to time , and the original challan will be delivered to the Chief Inspector.


  • It is valid for six months and up to One Year beginning on the day it is issued.
  • The Permission is able to be extended to 6 months after receipt of an request stating the reason with the fees via the an original challan in the amount.

The Information You Need

  • Applicant name
  • Applicant address
  • Mobile number
  • Consumer Number for electrical supply
  • Drawing drawn at a scale that is not smaller than 1:100 of the work and signed by the person who applied and the person who registered. Drawings must contain the these particulars the following.

(A) If in the event of a lift:

  • The location of the Lift relative to the building
  • General Layout of every Lift Installation
  • Sectional elevation and plan of the lift shaft, Lift machine room, and the lift car
  • Door arrangement
  • The number of floors to be served as well as total travel
  • Lift well enclosure
  • The size and location of the equipment’s position in relation to lift well
  • The position of hoisting machines
  • Diagram of the wiring for the machines room, lift well control panel and lift equipment, including all the wiring lights, switches and light points
  • Earthing scheme based on the dimensions of earth leads, technique of constructing earth electrodes, the location of earth pits

(B) when in the the case of an escalator, passenger conveyor:

  • The location of the Escalator, or the conveyor for passengers
  • Layout of the Escalator conveyors for passengers
  • Plan and Sectional elevation of Escalator , or the conveyor for passengers
  • The angle of inclination of the Escalator or passenger conveyor in relation to the horizontal
  • The width of the Escalator, or of the conveyor for passengers
  • The vertical rise of the Escalator or the Passenger conveyor
  • The arrangement of track and trusses or girders
  • The size and location of the machine room relative to the Escalator and the Passenger conveyor
  • Information on complete step treads and complete assembly
  • Wiring diagram for the machine room, controls panel and the Escalator conveyor or Passenger conveyor equipment
  • The location or position of the primary switch or the power panel , and
  • Earthing plan with the dimension of earth leads method of building earth electrodes, the location in earth pits.
Note In addition to the information in the above list the state department’s authorities will be able to provide up-to-date information that must be followed to ensure the successful completion of this process.

Need to have the Document

  • Electrical Lifts installed within residential, commercial office complexes, offices, etc., (excluding the lift that is covered by the Factories Act, 1948) are examined and permits are issued and renewed to provide protection to people who are using the lifts , and to ensure safe operation of lifts.
  • It is therefore mandatory to get permission to install these installations.

Information that can be useful

  • The installation of the lift must be executed strictly in accordance with the sanctioned drawings and in accordance with the requirements of the Lifts Act and Rules.
  • Be sure to get the receipt for your payment from the department.
  • Always use only certified products for wiring electrical devices.
  • You should never use your domestic products for commercial use and there could be severe penalties and even the consumer will be liable to action.



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