How to Quarry Licence In Jamaica

Quarry Licence In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. Visit the Mines and Geology Division of the Ministry of Transport and Mining to apply for a Quarry License. The Mines and Geology Division can be reached via this link: Link
  2. You can either pick up the application form from the Registry of the Mines and Geology Division in Person or download it from the MGD Website via this link Link. Or, you can download the form directly by clicking this link Link
  3. Completion of the application form accurately and attachments of all required documents as specified in the “Required Documents” section below.
  4. Submit the application to the MGD office for verification by an official at the registry section.
  5. If your application is complete, the official will direct you to pay the application fees at the accounting clerk. You will also receive a receipt.
  6. The application file will be forwarded to the appropriate government agencies and agencies responsible for inspecting the proposed quarry site. These agencies are:
    • The National Works Agency (NWA).
    • National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA).
    • Agricultural Land Management Division (ALMD).
    • Ministry of Health, Environment Health Unit (EHU).
    • The proposed site will be identified by the Parish Council.
    • Any other relevant organisation (deemed necessary).
  7. The Quarries Advisory Committee will review all the findings and make recommendations regarding the application.
  8. If granted, you will need to submit a Tax Compliance Certificate, Quarry Plan (Business Development Plan depending on the operation) and a Restoration Bond
  9. You will need to follow certain conditions when you are mining.

Required Documents For Quarry Licence

  • Completed application form
  • Receipt for payment of a non-refundable application fees of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00), and any other fee in effect at the time of application.
  • The legal access document must be provided to permit the area to be quarried. You can do this by:
    • Certificate of Title
    • Stamped Sales Agreement/Instrument of Transfer
    • Stamped Lease Agreement
    • An Affidavit of Attorney or Justice of the Peace to indicate ownership or possession of land
  • Six (6) copies of topography maps at 1:12,500 scale.
  • A survey diagram showing the exact area that will be quarried at a scale of at most 1:6000
  • Two (2) characters references.
  • If a company is applying, they must also support the application by:
    • Certificate of incorporation
    • Names of directors

The applicant must submit the following documents upon recommendation for the granting a license:

  • A valid Tax Compliance Certificate
  • A Quarry Plan (including a Business Development Plan).
  • A Restoration Bond
  • Based on the type of material being quarried, there will be a need for analysis.

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Mines and Geology DivisionAddress to Hope Gardens, p.o. box 141,Hope Gardens, Kingston 6, Jamaica, W.I.
Telephone : (876) 927-927-1936-40
Fax: (876) 977-1204
Website: Link
Contact details: Link

Ministry of Transport and Mining
Address: 138H Maxfield Avenue Kingston 10.
Tel. 754-1900-1, 754-2590-3
Fax: 754-2595
Web: Link


  • Anyone who wants to own a quarry


  • An application fee of $25,000.


  • A quarry license is only granted for a specified time and in a defined area. A quarry license cannot be transferred.

Documents for Use

  • Application form: Link

Processing Time

  • 4 weeks


A number of special conditions are required when a license is granted. These conditions include restrictions and/or conditions that may be imposed by all relevant agencies. These include:

  • Production returns must be submitted on time
  • Payment of quarry tax
  • Suspension and/or revocation
  • appropriate engineering practices
  • Sound environmental practices
  • Restoration of quarried-out lands
  • Safety practices

Requirements Information

  • Names
  • Address
  • Get in touch
  • Localization
  • Information for queries
  • Material Information
  • Machinery and equipment to be used
  • General Information
  • Date and signature

You will need the document

This license shows that you are legally allowed to operate in a quarry.

Information that might be of assistance

  • Link Query License Guidelines

External Links

  • Mines and Geology Division: Link



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