How to Register a Birth In Bermuda

Register a Birth In Bermuda By Online

  1. After birth, the physician will inform the Registrar General as well as the Chief Medical Officer by filling out the form A within 48 hours from the time of birth.
  2. After receiving the birth announcement The Registrar General will send the form B – Notice Of Particulars about Birth parent of the baby, according to the law. (See “information that could help” subsection below)
  3. If the parent or person who is the responsible guardian for the child is given Formula B, the form must be completed and submitted to the Registrar General within 60 days from the day it was handed in. Failure to comply with this requirement is considered to be a crime.
  4. Once the Registrar General has received Form B The Particulars of Birth will be recorded in the birth register.
  5. The birth certificate will be certified. certificate will be provided to the parent or guardian of the child on request.

Marine Births:

  • If a baby was born on the Bermuda recognized ship, information about their birth date will be provided to the Registry General by the Registrar of Shipping. It is the Registry General will record the birth on the Register of Marine Birth.

Add the Father’s name in the Birth Record

  • Voluntary

If the father’s name is absent from the birth record and the father wants to add his name to the birth record for the child and also the mother of the child must submit an application jointly at the office of the Registrar General include the father’s name. A proof of paternity might be required.

  • Putative

An unidentified father named in a paternity case is the person who is alleged as having fathered the kid whose parental lineage is at dispute in the suit. The name of the putative father could be added upon the order of the court.

NOTE There are two kinds of forms B

  • Form B – Notification of the Particulars of Birth (Married)
  • Form B – Notification of the Particulars of Birth (Not married)

Required Documents For Register a Birth 

  • Filling out Form B Particulars of Birth

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Home Affairs:
Department of Registry General
30 Parliament Street
Hamilton HM 12
(441) 297-7739
Birth Registration email:email

How to Register a Birth In Bermuda
How to Register a Birth In Bermuda


  • Any births that occurred in Bermuda can be registered


  • Free


  • The form should be completed and submitted in the direction of the Registrar General within sixty days from the date the form was submitted.

Documents to Utilize

  • Form B – Notification Of Particulars About the Birth (Married): Form
  • Form B – Notification of the Particulars of birth (Not married): Form

Processing Time

  • Birth certificates for infants are issued in 10 days after receiving all required information on the “Form B (Particulars of Birth)”.
  • For births that have been registered previously Birth certificates are processed within two working days from the date of receipt of the request.
  • In the event that you require a birth certificate in a hurry You can get one in less than two working days (additional charges apply).


  • Registry General Registry General uses the information from the form B Notification of Particulars Birth to record the birth of your baby. Birth certificates will be delivered to you within 10 working days.

The Information You Need

  • Birth Details
  • Parents Details
  • Childs Details
  • Signature

The Document is required

  • This document will be used to document the information of a newborn baby in the Registry and it is used to create birth certificates for the baby

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