How To Apply for Diplomatic Visa In Gabon

How To Apply for Diplomatic Visa In Gabon

Application Procedure:

  • The applicant from countries with Gabon consulates or embassy must visit the embassy to submit the application to them Countries without Gabon consular or diplomatic representation should contact the Directorate General for Documentation and Immigration (DGDI) in Gabon for more details.
  • Completely fill out the application form. It can be downloaded from the offices mentioned above.
  • Complete the form and submit it along with any required documents (as described below under the “Required documents” section) to be processed and verified.
  • If the official authorized to do so has confidence that documents are in order, you’ll be informed of the decision within one week.

Documents Required Diplomatic Visa

  • A certified duplicate of pages one and two of passport indicating validity at least six months
  • Two recent passport size color photographs
  • Letter of cover
  • Valid passport for diplomatic travel
  • Bookings for accommodation and flight itinerary or residential addresses in Gabon.
  • A letter from the government or other organization
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination: in conformity with international health standards,
  • Other documents that could be required by the authority

Office Locations and Contacts

EMI-IMMIGRATION:Directorate General for Documentation and Immigration (DGDI)
BP 1019 Libreville, Zone Industrielle d’Oloumi
Tel: (+241) 01 76 24 24/01 76 00 24
Website: Website

Gabon embassy/consulate abroad :Form

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Foreign diplomats from all countries who need visas to travel into Gabon are qualified for this service.


  • There are no fees for this service.


The validity of the visa will be determined by the discretion of the embassy

Processing Time

Within one week

The Information You Need

  • Name of the person who is applying
  • The applicant’s nationality
  • Age, date of birth and gender, and date of birth for the applicant.
  • Passport particulars
  • Residence Address in Gabon
  • Information about next of kin

The Document is required Diplomatic Visa

Diplomatic visas are given by the holders of diplomatic passports who are on duty for Gabon or employees of diplomatic missions that are accredited to Gabon.

External Links

(Directorate General Migration and Documentation (DGDI)

How To Apply for Diplomatic Visa In Gabon
How To Apply for Diplomatic Visa In Gabon



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