How To Register a Birth In Gabon

How To Register a Birth In Gabon

Apply In person By Yourself:
  • Declaring registers the birth to the hospital administrator, based on the location where the birth occurred in Gabon.
  • The declaration will be issued along by a certificate of birth for evidence of registration.
  • Send the certificate of birth in a short format in the child’s name
  • Choose assessment forms, and then deposit the funds at any bank you like.
  • Pay the slip back after payment and await the an issue the birth certificate.

Documents that are required Register a Birth

  • A live birth declaration that identifies the parents’ names as well as the hospital in which the birth took place.
  • The proof of payment must be from a specific bank
  • A certificate of birth that is short

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Health, Public Hygiene & Promotion of the Family

Bote Postale 50,


Phone : +241 (1) 761-747

Fax: +241 (1) 761-800

What Are All The Eligibility

It is mandatory to all residents of Gabon to register when they are born, and the office of the Registrar General is accountable to ensure that registration is completed throughout the country.


The cost of the birth certificate is 1,000 CAF.


Birth certificates are valid until the time of death.

Processing Time

  • A hospital birth certificate or an the attestation of a midwife must be submitted for registration at sectoral stage within fourteen days.
  • If documentation and registration aren’t available In the event of a lack of registration and documentation, it is possible to create an Acte de Notorit de Naissance can be issued usually by police and orphanage authorities.

Gabonese are able to pay a modest cost to have their Attestation de Naissance , which is valid for three months at a time.


A birth notice that is then presented to the district registry of deaths and births to allow an official birth certificate that can be processed. If the baby was brought up at home the process to obtain the birth certificate may begin at office of the local level. Children older than 6 months can also acquire birth certificates by submitting notice cards, baptismal certificates, school leaver certificate, identification certificate or passport. Many of these documents need to be validated to prove their birth date.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the baby born
  • Names of the parents in full
  • Birth date
  • The place of birth
  • Birth date
  • Sex
  • Address
  • Parents’ occupation
  • Nationality
  • Residence or domicile
  • Formulary to fill out for birth certificates

Need to have the Document

  • Birth registration, which is the official record on the birth and birthing of an infant by the government is an essential human right and a crucial way to protect children’s rights to identity and name. The Convention of the Rights of the Child as well as the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child recognize the rights of each newborn child in the world to register as soon as following birth.
  • The right to register is a fundamental right to protect. Without registration that is legal, other rights are hard to assert. Birth registration is a the legal proof of a child’s name, birth date, and even age.
  • In Gabon two of three children younger than 5 aren’t registered. The birth registration rates range from 95 percent in Gabon up to 4 percent in Liberia. Children who live in urban areas or of families with higher incomes are higher likely to have birth registration when they are born than children from families with low incomes that live in rural regions (57 percent within urban zones, and 33 percent of rural communities).

Information that could be helpful

  • The majority of Pygmies are unable to register that they are expecting children as they are living in dangerous conditions in camps. Each camp is comprised of about 100 people of three or two large clans of family members.
  • A lot of Pygmies are considered to be inferior and, in the majority of cases, Pygmies do not have the ability to record for the child’s birth. They consequently do not have identity cards and are not subject to law enforcement, and are excluded from the country’s development process.
  • If they are not registered, children are not guaranteed the fundamental right to education as well as health services that are crucial for a vulnerable and isolated group of children.
  • It’s around one third of all children younger than five years old in the world. Another significant number could be registered, but not received an official birth certificate, which is an essential measure to prove registration actually took place.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

  • The right to register is an important security right. Without registration in law, other rights are hard to assert.
  • Birth registration is a an official record of a child’s name, age, and existence.
  • This document can protect children from marriage to children or recruitment by minors to the military, and against child labor.
  • If you have an identity of a nation It is much more effective in fighting child trafficking and abuse.
  • Age proof can help protect teens from being charged and punished as adults.
  • A birth certificate, used as proof of birth, may help in locating support for children who aren’t accompanied and/or separated.
  • Being left uncounted makes children at risk of exploitation and abuse. This is especially true for children in marginalised communities.
  • Birth registration is often necessary for children to gain access to healthcare, education, as well as other social services and social aid.
  • Birth registration helps to ensure gender equality, ensuring the equality of girls and boys. *Access to social services as well as transfers shouldn’t be dependent on birth registration.
  • Birth registrations are an essential element for country’s statistics as well as for the design of social services.

A reliable civil registration system gives the demographic information needed by the country to monitor the health of its inhabitants, as well as vital data on the status of children.

The application of such statistics will result in more precise plan and execution of programmes and policies for development (e.g. school construction) and more chance of securing funding for development. Birth registration is essential for passports, ID cards as well as for migration.

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How To Register a Birth In Gabon
How To Register a Birth In Gabon




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