How To Register a Business Name In Gabon

How To Register a Business Name In Gabon

1.A person who wants to create a brand new business name should begin by suggesting a brand new business name.

2.When an idea for a name is made The applicant should verify whether the name is unique to the suggested name. In this instance the person visits an office for the registrar for corporations and checks the company’s name, business name, and trademark registers to verify that the suggested name isn’t at all similar to any registered company or business name.

The search can be performed by using either manual or computerized search engines
  • Complete the form for the Statement of Particulars that must be provided in connection with the registration of business names for a company.
  • Complete the form and submit the name you want to verify for the availability of the name.
  • The form must include that the identity of the person who is signing the form in addition to the signature, in the case of corporate entities as partners.
  • The endorsee’s signature or title, as well as the seals of the corporation have to be clearly displayed in the event of corporate entities acting as partners.
  • The registration cost is to be paid and then hand in the registration form to the Business Registry for registration
How to register a partnership
  • Create a Business Name
  • Sign a Partnership Deed to register under the Documents Act Cap 81
Conversion of a business name into a business
  • Filing a Notice of Cessation the Business Name
  • Send the original registration certificate for cancellation
  • Follow the steps for registering a new company.

Documents that are required Register a Business Name

1. Name of the business to be reserved

2.Memorandum and the Articles of Organization

3.Lawyers / Directors / secretarys sworn declaration

4.Police certification of directors’ clearance

5.Property title documents

6.Proof of the director’s residency such as utility bills.

7.A National Fire Authority Certificate

8.Business Registration Certificate

9.TIN letter;

Office Locations and Contacts

Secretary of Small-Medium Sized Enterprises & industries

Bote Postale 3096,


Phone : +241(1) 745-425.

Ministry of Trade & Industry

Bote Postale 3906,


Telephone : +241 (1) 722-887

Gabon Revenue Authority

Direction Gnral des Impts du Gabon

Administration Head:


Directeur Gnral des Impts

Institution Address

B.P. 37 or 45



Contact Details

Phone:+241 0179 53 76 / 7


What Are All The Eligibility

Anyone who is involved in any business or trade in Gabon and is not doing business under their own name. .


i.Name search 5 000 CAF

ii.Reservation 10,000 CAF

iii.Lawyer CAF 3,000-6,000 (for getting a statement of compliance with due process and any other legal service)

iv.Registration procedure

V.Registration cost CAF 2500


The registration may be canceled when a business is in violation in accordance with laws of that country.

Processing Time

  • Name search from one (1) up to 2 (2) days
  • Reservation for one week
  • Three (3) days for a lawyer (3) days
  • The registration process takes twenty-one (21) days
  • In order to obtain a tax identification number (TIN) 1 (1) up to (2) weeks
  • Inspection conducted by Gabon Revenue Authority Gabon Revenue Authority one (1) day
  • Final Certificate of Incorporation One (1) day
  • Training and Productivity Authority of Gabon for the tax on training that is statutory for three (3) days
  • National Fire Authority Certificate one (1) up to Two (2) weeks
  • Request the compliance letter at the request of the Minister for Labour within three (3) days prior to the date of compliance.

The registration with licensing authorities takes one (1) or two (2) weeks


1.Endeavor to trademark your business name before the the validity of the reserved name ends;

2.Ensure your name you choose is easy and simple to pronounce

3.A company’s name for registration must not be identical to the name of any other company or company.

4.A business name shouldn’t be confusing.

5.The chosen name must not be in violation of trademarks, laws on copyright, or intellectual property deemed to be in Gabon;

6.Applicant is required to be of good character.

7.It is recommended to have you have the Declaration of Due Compliance be witnessed by a lawyer who is involved in the business formulation. Director or secretary may be utilized as a the last resort.

The Information You Need

1.Names as well as addresses for the applicant

2.Sex age, marital status of the applicant

3.Proposed company names as well as addresses of the business

4.Names of shareholders

5.Sex, age and marriage status of every shareholder

6.Amount of the capital needed to start the company

7.Bank account details

8.Details of a notary who assists in the registration process.

9.The shares held by each shareholder (if appropriate).

10.Level of authority/powers of directors and shareholders

11.Details of the activities that the company would like to carry out

Documentation is needed

  • This page offers details on how to create a business name and register it in Gabon.
  • The term “business name” refers to a title or name that a person or company conducts business. in Gabon it is mandatory for all those who conduct commercial transactions, to sign the name under which they conduct business and registration is performed by the registrar for companies in the country. Upon registration , issues a proof of registration. This is called a certification for recognition (certificate for incorporation.

Information that could be helpful

1.For each payment you make ensure that an acknowledgment of receipt of payment is provided to be used in the future processing.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

  • A business name is registered by providing a proper identification of the the name
  • If a name is registered the business is officially recognized by the government.
  • There are more jobs created in the country.
  • Facilitates the collection of taxes because every company can be easily identified by its Unique number that is used during an application process for registration.

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