How to Register a Birth In Ireland

Register a Birth In Ireland By Online

  • In order to register the birth it is necessary to fill out a birth Notification form (Form BNF/01) must be signed by both parent(s) by hospital staff (in the case hospitals births) and/or by a physician or midwife (in domiciliary births). The form lists the information that must be recorded into the Register of Births and should be signed by either or both parents to ensure that accurate and complete information is recorded.
  • The form that is completed will be sent by the Registrar’s Office letting the Registrar inform them that a birth been recorded. This isn’t enough to officially register the birth.
  • A certified informant has to visit the Office of the Registrar to register the birth on the Birth Register. The parents of the baby are primary qualified informants . They, if they are able, should attend in person to register the birth. They should bring a photo ID like driving licence or passport as well as their personal Public Service Numbers (PPSN). In certain cases, further information might be required, such as when a mother has been married before, you could call the Civil Registration Service to know more.
  • If both parents are involved in an approved marriage, only one parent is required to attend If both parents wish to sign the registry, they must both be present. In the event that parents got married in a different country, they need to bring their original marriage certificate as well as an official translation, if needed.

Required Documents For Register a Birth

  • A completed Birth Notification Form (Form BNF/01)
  • Photo identification, such as driving licence or passport
  • Personal Public Service Numbers (PPSN)

Office Locations and Contacts

General Register OfficeGovernment Offices
Convent Road
Tel:+353 90 663 2900
Locall:1890 25 20 76
Fax:+353 90 663 2999

Local Civil Register Offices


An informed person who is qualified must visit the Office of the Registrar to complete the Birth Register. The parents of the infant are primary competent informants. They, if they are able, must be present to register the birth.

The following people can serve as informants with a degree:

  • A person who is a employee at the institution (or any other organisation, institution or company) in which the birth occurred.
  • any person who is present at the time of birth
  • anyone who is present within the home in which the birth took place
  • any person in control of the person who is responsible for the
  • the person who is appointed guardian of the child
  • an individual who has been identified as parents of the child on or by the order of the court


There is no cost to register births or to re-register to include the details of a parent.

Insertion or modification of the forename: 5


  • The birth of a child should be registered within three months following the date of birth.
  • The birth can be registered in your local office for any Registry of Births and Marriages, and Deaths, no matter the location where it occurred. The personnel of the hospital in which your baby was born or your local health center will be able to inform you the best place to make a birth registration.

The Document is required

  • The birth certificate is an requirement of law in Ireland however, you’ll require an official birth certificate when you register your child in school, or when you seek a passport or for any other legal reasons. The birth certificate contains the details of the child and parents at the time of registration. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the information you provide is correct. It can be difficult to request a change in details following the initial registration.
  • This is a guideline on how to record the birth of a child in Ireland.

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