How To Register a Business and or Company In Georgia

How To Register a Business and or Company In Georgia

  • In order to apply for Procedure, you must visit Public Service Hall in Georgia along with the required documentation.

The possibility exists to request company formation without physically being here on the basis of a Power of attorney.

Documents Required Register a Business and or Company

  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) If the founder is a non-native, records charters have to be filled out in two different languages. One of them is Georgian The other is the one that is widely known to the founder from another country. The principal objective of this MoA is to prove that shareholders want to create a company. Every subscriber should be able to receive minimum one shares. In addition, the document should include that the company’s name, the address of the business as well as the address for the registered office along with the principal goals and goals of the company along with the capital structure, as well as information about shareholders, together with their obligations.
  • The MoA sets out the duties as well as the powers and responsibilities that members of the Board of Directors, individuals obligations and roles of directors, as well as the way in which the business will be managed. Other important provisions are the types of shares as well as the procedure for issuance and transfer of shares and voting rights for members and the power to borrow.
  • Legal address of the place where the company is situated.
  • Official Representative
    • You’ll need an official legal counsel or a translator to sign your document . If you don’t speak Georgian an official translator should accompany you to the public register to sign your papers.
  • A form that contains details about names of business as well as the legal form of the business and the shares capital, the documents declaring members of each supervisory board as well as the management board. The application form should be completed in Georgian and signed by a legal Attorney or a translator.

Office Locations and Contacts

Public Service Hall of GoregiaSanapiro St 2, 0105 Tbilisi, Georgia

What Are All The Eligibility

Anyone who is a non-resident and has a minimum age of 18


    • Legal Fee
    • Fees associated with a Legal Address

Charges for preparing supporting Documents in two languages conforming to Georgian Legislatio

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How To Register a Business and or Company In Georgia
How To Register a Business and or Company In Georgia



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