How To Register a Marriage In Austria

How To Register a Marriage In Austria

  1. Prior to the wedding an office for civil registration needs to decide in a hearing the marriage capacity of the fiance on the basis of the documents submitted. In this hearing, the fiance in general, the fiance must be present at both the fiance.
  2. There is a process to determine of the potential of a couple to wed.
  3. On your first appointment you will need to submit all documents required and provide evidence. Sometimes, it takes longer to acquire the necessary documents. Authorities will let you know the documents required in different occasions, but you’ll be required to contact the official who registers.
  4. In certain situations it is enough if the fiance or fiancé is able to register on their own. Before you can register in the Registry Office you need to get the “Declaration to establish the requirements for marriage” available at every registry bureau. The form must state the non-appearing fianc/fiance of not showing up, thereby preventing a motive. The form should be filed by the other fianc partner from the other party when making the marriage request is made.

Documents Required Register a Marriage

For Austrians who are single and have the legal capacity to legally marry:

  • Official photo identification
  • Copy of the registry of births , the exhibit of no more than six months or a duplicate of the certificate that is relevant. When you were born 1.1.1939 before you verify with the authority responsible.
  • Evidence of citizenship
  • The message must be confirmed or proof of staying ( for example, Hotel confirmation) . For those who are reported to Austria the registrar / the registrar, a request within the Central Register (CRR) to complete. In this situation there is there is no confirmation that the report is required.
  • If you are able, provide proof in writing of academic qualifications.

If you’re married or are a member of the registered partnerships, there are additional requirementsare:

  • Marriage certificate/s of all marriages previously held and / or partnership deeds or s of all prior legally registered partnerships that are justifiably valid.
  • The proof of cancellation, annulment or divorce from the prior marriage (with valid judgment or decision attesting to the legality Legal force stamps! ) or a judgment upon the dissolution prior registered partnership/s
  • Death certificate of spouse or spouse’s
  • Death certificate of registered partner or registered partner

When you are a parent with a a child or more children Additional requirements:

  • Birth Certificate (s) that the baby or the children are
  • Recognizing paternity of the child (if the father of the birth certificate (s) is not registered yet)
  • Evidence of citizenship, in the event that it is available
  • Children’s proof of residence

If you have a limited legal capacity or are not of consenting age, you may be subject to the following condition:

  • 16 to 18 years aged children:
    • Legal age Court Explanation (with an official confirmation that the lawful decision is valid)
    • Consent from the guardian with custody
  • When requesting when requesting a Sachwalterin or custodian’s consent or custodian’s consent or an appropriate court order

If you’re not present in the ceremony of registering the banns , then you have to fill out the form from any Registry office “statement to establish the requirements to marry.”

When one parties is an international citizen Ask the registry office what other documents you’ll need to provide.


  • Foreign language documents are required to be presented in their original form together with a translation that has been certified in Austria.
  • If certified translations from other states are accepted based on the procedure rules applicable. For recognition of documents, for instance an Apostille might be required. Additional information is available on the official website that is maintained by the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs.
  • Documents in foreign languages must be presented in its original format and accompanied by a certified translation. The translation should be performed only by court-certified interpreters or translators and translators. An inventory of Austria in court-certified interpreters or interpreters can be found on the official website from the Federal Ministry of Justice. The list could also include interpreters or interpreters from other EU and EEA Member States that are required to register.

Office Locations and Contacts

Registry Office

To search for a registry office:

Statutory Cities:

To search for Registry Offices in Municipalities:

Austria Registry Office

20. Dresdner Strae Dresdner Strae

Phone: +43 1 4000-35089

Fax: +43 1 4000-99-35070

E-mail :

For more contact info:

What Are All The Eligibility

It is legal for males and females to married is 18. The minimum age for marriage is 16. years old can also get married if they have a written, notarized consent of both parents is provided and the spouse is at least 18 years old. older.

Prohibitions on marriage:

Blood Ties

  • The marriage can’t be arranged in a straight line between blood relatives ( for example, dad and daughter) or between half-siblings or siblings. This is true even if the parents of the child who are not married are or were.

Relationship with an adopter

  • A marriage cannot be legally binding between the parents of an adoptive child and an adoptive child in the event that the adoption relationship has not been ended.


  • The law prohibits the entry of a person into marriage as long as he/she remains living in a married or registered partnership. It is not a matter of whether there is a real cohabitation between couples (or the civil partners) exists. It is vital that the union ( or the civil partnership) isn’t ended ( for example, divorce, annulment, or dying) or has been annulled.


for the method of determining the requirements for marriage 50 EUR

Submitting additional documents from abroad The cost is 80 euros (all taken together)

  • If you want to use other services, like music, additional charges could be charged.


The registration for the civil ceremony is required within six months in advance of the wedding date. It is valid for until six months after the date of the wedding. There is no minimum time stipulated, however, the typical wait time in the major cities is between two and six weeks.

Competent Authority

The civil status office that is responsible for the residence or domicile has the jurisdiction of the fiancé / the fiance of:

  • Office of the registry or registrar’s association of the community
  • In statutory cities: the Registry Office of the Municipality
  • In Vienna The Registry office is located in Vienna

If there is no residence or domicile in the country. The office of the registrar’s for the last the residence within Germany is the responsible office. In any other case it is the office of registry Vienna Innere Stadt Innere Stadt responsible.

A wedding reception may be conducted in a different registry office.

Some registry offices provide the option of an online scheduling appointment ahead of time for the ceremony of your wedding. This includes:

  • Linz
  • Mdling
  • Salzburg
  • Vienna

The Document is required Register a Marriage

The marriage contract is legally binding which binds two people giving them certain rights and obligations. It is necessary to sign up first before you start the actual marriage ceremony. When you register, you’ll receive a transcript describing the conditions prior to getting married.

Information that can be useful

If in the future , you require a duplicate copy of your marriage certificate ( for example, a duplicate in the event of loss or stolen, multilingual wedding certificate) you may request for one.

The right to request an original duplicate of the wedding certificate is granted to:

  • The persons to whom the entry relates as well as any other individuals who’s status as a civil person is affected by the record
  • Individuals who have an interest that is legal in the acceptance, unless an overriding legitimate interest for the person referred to in the registration. This precludes
  • Public bodies and authorities to enforce the laws

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How To Register a Marriage In Austria
How To Register a Marriage In Austria

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