How to Register a Private Security Agency In India

Register a Private Security Agency In India By Yourself

Private security agency is an entity or that is engaged in the provision of private security services, including the training of private security guards and their supervisors, or providing security guards in private to any business or industrial firm or any other individual or property.

Apply in-person:

  • Every request for the granting of a licence of a private security firm is to be addressed to the relevant Controlling authority.
  • The controlling authority could be senior police officers/ senior officers within the Department of Home as per “Private Security Agency (Regulation) Act”
  • Visit The “Additional Director General for Police, Internal Security Division” office in person, and talk to the authorized authority within the Private Security Licensing Department.
  • Application forms for applicants are available from the authorities or written on an A4-sized sheet according to the instructions.
  • Form V can also be downloaded by clicking the Link go to page 4 to download Form V.
  • Once you have the updated information, you must arrange for all the necessary documents and certificates that are required for application.
    • Each application must have a license cost in the form of Demand draft or Banker’s Cheque that is in the name of the the respective control authority
    • The applicant must also submit a the form to verify an antecedent.
    • When the person applying for admission is corporation or an organisation of individuals each owner, the majority of shareholders, partners, or director of the business has to submit the form for confirmation of antecedents, just in the same way as the applicants.
  • Complete the application, enclosing the required information and the necessary documents listed within section “Required documents” section in two copies to the authority you are receiving.
  • When the application is received the set of application will be inspected for compliance with the specific requirements. If everything is in order, then the authority can then acknowledge the first copy with an acknowledgment and return it , while conserving the other copy to be processed further.
  • At this point, applicants receive a text message on their mobile regarding the status of their application. Also, make sure to look at the notifications and adhere to the guidelines of the department.
  • If there isn’t any notice or communication from the department It is recommended to contact the authority to whom the application was filed.
  • The authority in charge of control shall conduct inquiries when it feels it is necessary to verify the information of the application as well as the details that the person applying.
  • The Controlling Authority shall obtain a no-objection certificate by the superintendent of Police or the authority designated by the district concerned, in the event that the applicant plans to begin its work by sending the request in writing.
  • The concerned police authorities will check the premises and conduct the proper diligence.
  • Following due diligence and verification by the police authorities in charge The Director of Police or the authority designated by the district in question will forward the report to the authority in charge.
  • If the report gives an acceptable result, the controlling authority will then call the applicant to an interview.
  • After all the steps above are successfully completed, the license will be issued.
  • The license will be delivered at the address indicated in the application or delivered by hand as per the notification or handed out in accordance with the applicable rules.


  • The award of licences is entirely the department’s decision.
  • Keep a photocopy of your DD and be sure to verify the date on DD.
  • Check out the next page using the scroll bar and then confirming the training center contact information of your location beneath “Know The Training Centre You Work For” for further training.

Required Documents For Register a Private Security Agency

  • Application form
  • Certificate of registration issued by the Agency.
  • Application form to verify the antecedents: Form link refer to page 1 to Form I.
  • Certificate of training
  • Licence fee in the form of demand draft or Banker’s check on behalf of the the control authority
  • Affidavit in accordance with the requirements
  • Complete bio data and any experience certificate from the authority concerned is being utilized as trainer.
  • Letter to outsource the Training facility, including address of the training center
  • The applicant’s specific qualifications (Training Certificate for security or Police and Military Discharge Certificate). *Income tax clearance document. (For older agencies).
  • Self-attested photocopy of proof of identity of the person applying (Aadhaar card or passport driver’s license or other similar photo ID)
  • Self-attested copy of evidence of residency of the applicant (Aadhaar card or voter ID, passport driving license or other of these photo IDs)
  • GST Number
  • Aadhaar card


Other than the documents mentioned above, authorities can request additional documents or information. They will require these documents for processing.

Office Locations and Contacts

Controlling AuthorityAdditional Director General of Police,
Internal Security Division,
Phone: 080-25593188 / 22943715
Office Contact Link.


  • Citizens of India.
  • Aged over 18 years old.
  • A person cannot be eligible for the issuance of licenses even if he’s been…
    • Convicted of an offense connected with the formation, promotion or the management of a firm (any wrongdoing or fraud committed by him in connection to the business) and an undischarged insolvent. or
    • Convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction of a crime The punishment prescribed for which is imprisonment not less than two years. Or
    • Linking up with any organisation or group that is prohibited by any law because of their activities that pose a danger to the security of the nation or public order, or if there is information regarding an individual engaging actions that are detrimental to the security of the nation or public order. Or
    • Rejected or dismissed from government service due to infractions or moral turpitude.
  • A firm, company or an organization of individuals cannot be considered to be a license holder in the event that it isn’t registered in India or has an owner or majority shareholder, director or partner, who is not a resident of India.


A request for the issuance of the license under this Act will only be accepted by a person following the proper investigation of his previous antecedents.


  • Each application should be accompanied by a payment in the amount of…
    • Five thousand rupees, five thousand if the private security company operates in one district of an State.
    • Ten thousand rupees if the agency operates across more than one, but at most five districts in the State.
    • Twenty-five million rupees if the scheme is operational throughout the State.


The fees may differ so please request the latest fee information from the authority when applying.


  • The licence issued is valid for five years unless it is removed.
  • The license may be renewed periodically after the expiration of five years for a period of five years, upon the paying the fee in accordance with what is prescribed.


Will be subject to the conditions as are stipulated.


  • Private security agencies are not permitted to offer private security outside of the country without getting the approval from the Controlling Authority, which shall seek the advice of the Central Government before according such authorization.
  • Each private security company could, when employing the services of private security guards choose to employ those who have been a member of any of these situations, specifically:
    • Army
    • Navy
    • Air Force
    • Any other troops of the Union
    • Police that includes armed constabularies from States
    • Home Guards.

Requirements Information

  • The name and the address for the person applying.
  • The address at the Registered Office.
  • The name of the security company.
  • Two Passport Size photos of members.
  • Telephone number
  • Email ID
  • GST Number
  • Photograph of staff training.

Documentation is needed

It is unlawful for anyone to operate or establish an agency for private security in the absence of an official license issued by the relevant control authority.

Information that can be useful

  • Each private security company must display its license or a the copy of it in a prominent location of its place of place of business.
  • Here are a few of the reasons Controlling Authority may cancel any licence. Controlling Authority may cancel any license
  • If the license has been obtained in connection with misrepresentation or the concealment of important facts
  • If the holder of the license has used fake documents or photos
  • The private security firm had not begun its work or hire a supervisor within a specified timeframe
  • If the license holder has or has willfully not rendered or refused to provide the services stipulated to anyone



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