How to Register a Will In India

Register a Will In India By Yourself

  • The will can be described as a written document that outlines how property as well as other assets mentioned are transferred after when the deceased person has wrote the will.
  • The person who creates the will is known as testator or testatrix based the gender of their testator.

Apply In Person: To be processed at Sub-registrar office

  • Create a will for any property or other asset. It is recommended to talk with an attorney for the drafting.
  • When the draft is completed make an appointment at the Sub-Registrar’s office to register it.
  • When the date is set you must go to the registration office with two reliable witnesses and wait until you get your turn.
  • When they are scheduled to be processed Please follow the guidelines of the authorities for processing.
  • Please show your ID in the original form before the registration officer.
  • To make a will valid, one must pay fees for registration as per the state’s rules. Also, pay in the manner that is necessary.
  • After verifying the information in person The registrar will then sign the appropriate order.
  • Together with witnesses, the testator or testatrix must confirm the registry in the places indicated on the form to complete the registration.
  • The Registered Copy can be collected within one week. The dispatcher at the desk will assist you in how to get the document, and suggest a likely date to collect the same.


  • Wills come in two varieties
  • Privileged – A privilege will is applicable to seamen, soldiers and officers in the military airforce.
  • Unprivileged wills can be executed by anyone , except soldiers in conflict.
  • Anyone who are registered must have originals of ID proof of address and proof of ID during the registration. will.

Required Documents For Register a Will

  • Details about the property (survey number, details of the land, dimensions of the property, etc.)
  • The Challan/DD documenting the payment of the entire tax and transfer duty (if there is any) as well as registration fee and user fees.
  • Property documents for the property.
  • The proof of identity of the testator or testatrix as well as the witness (Ration Card/ Aadhaar Card or Voter ID)
  • Address proof of the testator or testatrix as well as the evidence of the witness (Driving license / Ration card/ Aadhaar card/ Voter ID)
  • Aadhaar card
  • Documents or Deeds to be recorded

NOTE: Please bring the original ID proof as well as the address proof to show before the registry.

Office Locations and Contacts

Sub Registrar Office,Chandni Mahal, 4/7,
Asaf Ali Road, Chandni Mahal,
Chatta lal Miya, Chandni Mahal,
Chandni Chowk, New Delhi,
Delhi 110002, India.
Phone: 24626011
For contact details Link


  • The testatrix or testator must be at least 18 years old.
  • The testatrix or testator must have a clear mind in making the decision.
  • The visually impaired and those with vocal disabilities can draft wills in accordance with the Indian Succession Act of 1925.
  • The will can be amended multiple times if the testatrix or testator requires to alter it.
  • It is recommended to have a doctor and an advocate serve as witnesses to sign the will, as they can vouch for the testator’s mental stability.


  • Stamp duty and registration charges aren’t the same across all India. India.
  • You must pay registration fees in the appropriate amount at the time of registration.


A will registered with the court remains valid so long as it’s not registered again with any changes.

Processing Time

  • The registration process at the registrar’s office ends on the that day (If there were any unavoidable event that could occur at the end of the day)

Note Note: Do not include the time for preparing documents.


  • The process of registering wills can be done in any Sub-Registration Office in India.
  • Check to see if the testatrix or the testator is in a good mental state.
  • Indicate the need for execution of the will.
  • Name all the beneficiaries of the testator’s or testatrix’s property.
  • Write your will in a clear and clear language.
  • Avoid using technical terms to avoid confusion.
  • New bequests of property should be made in separate paragraphs.
  • Don’t leave blank spaces in your will.

The Information You Need

The following are the necessary information needed to make a will valid.

  • Names Testator and Testatrix name.
  • Testator as well as Testatrix address.
  • The mobile phone number as well as the email address of the testator or testatrix.
  • Contact details for testatrix or testator.
  • The details of the property document are listed in the will.
  • The details of the assets mentioned in the will.
  • Indicate the date and the place of execution.

The document is needed

  • The registration of the will is necessary to obtain a legal duplicate of the will.
  • The original, registered “will” could be compared to the one that is submitted in the event of any alteration

In the event that your original will has been damaged or destroyed, damaged, it is possible to obtain an original at the registrar’s office.

Information that can be useful

  • If, in any way, there is a gap in the fees for registration the sub-registrar is entitled to all rights to refuse the registration in accordance with the wishes.
  • The original ID you provide is required at the time of registration to verify authenticity. The ID is returned on the next day.
  • What can be left (included in the will)
    • The property above one is completely ownership
    • The dwelling place
    • Land
    • Money
    • Jewellery
    • Artefacts, paintings and paintings that are valuable
    • Royalty
    • Fixed deposits earn interest
    • Land acquired through lease deeds if the lease deed is not expired



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