How To Register a Vehicle In Armenia

How To Register a Vehicle In Armenia

  • The vehicle is subject to entry certification to ensure the vehicle meets Armenia’s requirements. (See the exemptions for the entry certification requirement.)
  • If the vehicle is in compliance with the requirements, it’s accepted to be registered and a registration application form is completed.
  • Then, you must take the completed registration form to an agent for registration to be processed.
  • The agent will process the application, registration and registering the vehicle to ensure that you are legally able to be able to drive it on the roads. The registration plate will be updated and a license plate.
  • You are allowed to drive your car on the road if it is equipped with its registration plate, license label and (if appropriate) road user’s charges license.

Documents that are required Register a Vehicle

Documents that you can use to verify your identity include:

  • Current paper driving license
  • Passport or identity Card
  • Marriage certificate
  • decree or absolute
  • Birth certificate of birth

Documents that you can make use of to verify that you are in fact living there include

  • Recently, you have received a energy bill (within the past 3 months) for example, water, electricity, gas and landline
  • Recent statement from a bank or building society (within the past 3 months)
  • Medical card for medical
  • council tax bill for this year

Office Locations and Contacts

Minister of Transportation and Communications Republic of Armenia, Yerevan 0010 Nalbandyan 28,
Tel. Fax: (+37410) 59-00-17,

Security in Armenia’s Republic of Armenia
Address: 130 Nalbandyan St., Yerevan, 0025.
Fax: +37410-54-73-14

Provincial divisions and departments from the Police of the Republic of Armenia

How To Register a Vehicle In Armenia
How To Register a Vehicle In Armenia

Traffic police, Police of the Republic of Armenia
Address: Isakovi Ave. 9 Building,
Yerevan 0015
Department of Vehicle Registration: (+374) 10 430295, (+374) 10 430298
Department of Drivers License: (+374) 10 430391
Car Registration Office: (+374) 10 430295, (+374) 10 430298
Division of Driver’s Licenses: (+374) 10-4330391

What Are All The Eligibility

You will usually need to get a registration for a car, or any other type of vehicle when you’ve:

  • It was purchased
  • The idea behind it was
  • It was rebuilt or modified
  • It was imported


The registration fee for the vehicle is 5000 AMD.

Documents to Utilize

Application to register the vehicle

Format for PDF download

Download in the format DOC


Registration is not a valid title that identifies the owner of your car. It determines who is responsible for the safety and licensing examinations for the car.

Required Information editRequired Information [ edit

  • Details of the vehicle (date of registration) and make, model, etc.)
  • Registered Keeper
  • Vehicle insurance details
  • Results of the inspection
  • Any modifications to the vehicle
  • Payment Details
  • License Status

The Document is required Register a Vehicle

Before a vehicle is licensed for use on Armenian roadways, the vehicle needs to be inspected for entry certification to ensure it meets Armenia’s requirements. The vehicle has to pass registration before you are able to apply for registration which will provide you with a proof of registration as well as number plates. (number) plates (which you are able to replace later with your own personalized plates).

Information that could be helpful

If you are registering your vehicle you’ll be issued general-purpose plates. They’re alpha numeric (containing both numbers and letters) and can have as many as six characters. The registration plate is a part of the vehicle for the entirety of its existence until it’s replaced following losing, being stolen damaged or lost, by personalised plates. Learn more about registration plates.

Other uses for the document/certificate

Registration is usually a one-time procedure that acknowledges you as the owner legally accountable to your automobile. If your vehicle isn’t properly registered or has not been registered and you are not registered, you may be subject to the punishment of a fine or an infringement.

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Your vehicle might not need to be licensed or registered. Motor vehicles that are used on private roads are not required to be licensed and registered.

Note: A private road is an avenue, a place of play, or an arcade built, or constructed on private land owned by the owner of the land.

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