How to Register and License of Used Vehicle from European Union In Malta

Register and License of Used Vehicle from European Union In Malta By Online

  1. To get a registration and license for a used vehicles purchased from the European Union the applicant has to make contact with for assistance with Malta Land Transport Directorate.
  2. This vehicle is checked by the technical section of the Malta Land Transport Directorate between 7.30 am and 12.00 midnight.
  3. Motor car dealers must place the documents in the section on Required Documents in Hall C between 7.30 am until 15.00 pm from Monday to Friday, with the exception of public holidays.
Applications forms that could be used to: Forms for applications
Malta transport department contact information : Contact Info

How to Register and License of Used Vehicle from European Union In Malta
How to Register and License of Used Vehicle from European Union In Malta
Agencies that have been approved:
Building 46, Dunsfold Park, Cranleigh,
Surrey, GU6 8TB United Kingdom.
Telephone: UK +(44)-01483-276900
Tel: Malta + (356)-35505155
Fax: +(44)-01483-331701/273250
CAR-PASS, Belgium
CAR-PASS v.z.w.
Woluwedal 46/2
1200 Brussels
Tel: 0032 27735056
The applicant must present a valid and original roadworthyness certificate (VRT) issued by a different Member State that shows the most recent odometer readings from any authorized entity as follows:
VOSA UK (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) or ANY Vehicle Road Worthiness Testing/Inspection Station (VRT) issuing Odometer Certificates in the European Union;

Required Documents For Register and License of Used Vehicle from European Union

  • Form to deposit money VEH 03
  • Fill in the Application Forms correctly filled in, VEH 01 and 02 for private individuals and the VEH 25 form for motor vehicle dealer, can be downloaded on the
  • Valuation printout endorsed by the Technical Unit. Individuals who are registered: The registration value (RV) printed on the printout of Valuation is valid for the month in which it was that it was issued, and up to at the close of next month.
  • The original Foreign Registration Certificate (logbook) that is signed by the seller and new buyer. (In in the event of signatures from the seller or the buyer or the seller on the Foreign Registration Certificate (log book) the buyer is required to present the Authority or a private contract of sale signed by both sides or an VEH50 form. This must always be signed by the seller or buyer.
  • Notice of Arrival The notice must be authentic as well as rubber-stamped by the carrier under the names of the person for who the vehicle will be registered. If the person who imported the vehicle on behalf of another person’s name, they must submit an official declaration to the Land Transport Directorate confirming that the vehicle was imported to Malta for the sole purpose of the person who brought it. The declaration must be completed by both of the parties.
  • Foreign Number Plates
  • A valid insurance policy document beginning with when the policy was registered (however the owner has to have the vehicle insured when it is it is in use to be eligible for VRT as well as Inspection)
  • VRT Certificate of Passage (NOTE Note: VRT certificates are not mandatory. VRT certificate does not have to be obtained if the car is less than four years old at the time of registration)
  • A company secretary’s board resolution when the vehicle will be licensed for the benefit of a company
  • Payments according to the following: 50 inspection fee, 15 Fee for registration (over counter), 15 Registration fee (over the counter)/10 Cost of registration (Online registration) Tax on Registration, annual circulation fee, plates, and admin fines of up to 30 dollars per day, if applicable.
  • For Used Goods Carrying Vehicles (Category N1, N2, and N3) the above documentation are required along with the following requirements. (The Odometer certificate doesn’t have to be used for these vehicles.)
    • In the event that Euro emissions levels listed on the certificate of registration for foreign vehicles aren’t clear the importer has to submit a written statement from the manufacturer, which identifies what is Euro Type that is applicable to the used class N1 car.
  • For Used Motorcycles and ATVs the same documentation as for private vehicle are necessary, with the exception in the case of VRT and the odometer, which are not necessary for motorcycles.
  • Vehicles that are brought into Malta (from UK, Wales, Scotland and Ireland) are required to provide either:
    • The Odometer Certificate Of Authenticity issued by a body that has been approved by the Authority that confirms the authenticity of the vehicle’s Odometer reading.

Office Locations and Contacts

Malta transport department contact information : Contact Info


Fees for licences are payable each year and are calculated based on the specifications of the vehicle and its age. URL to fee Information

Documents to Utilize

Forms for application that can be used to: Applications forms

The Document is required

This guideline provides information on the registration and obtaining a license for used vehicles from the European Union in Malta.

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