How to Register as a Fish Buyer / Seller In Isle Of Man

Register as a Fish Buyer / Seller In Isle Of Man By Online

  • If you’re currently trying to set up your business and plan to buy your first sale fish then you should apply to become an official fish buyer or seller. When you fill out the application form, make sure you’ve read the explanation leaflet before you begin. Links are available under the “Documents to Use” section where you can get the application forms as well as the explanation leaflet.
  • Send the completed form with any additional details along with any other additional information to Fisheries Section of the Department of Environment Food and Agriculture (address as below).

Required Documents For Register as a Fish Buyer / Seller

  • Application form completed
  • Supporting documents:
    • Name proof
    • Address proof
    • Certificate of incorporation
    • Authority in order to act on behalf on behalf the firm

Be aware of the documents you need to submit to the process by going through the RBS IOM 2. Explanatory leaflet (download the link below).

Office Locations and Contacts

Fisheries DirectorateDepartment of Environment Food and Agriculture
Thie Slieau Whallian
Foxdale Road
St John’s
Telephone:+44 1624 685857


  • You have to be registered as a seller if you’re an auction trader selling first-sale fish using bidding in a competitive manner at an auction in the Isle of Man.
  • You have to become a registered purchaser when you purchase first-sale fish directly from a vessel or via the services of an agent (that is different from bidding in competition with an auction house registered by a registered seller on a specified auction site).
  • If you are a buyers and sellers of fish for sale in the first place You may be required to sign up as both.

Documents to Utilize

RBS IOM 2 Buyers and sellers who are registered – – explanation leaflet

Processing Time

You should allow at least 15 working working days from the date you submit your application in order for the application to be reviewed.

The Document is required

  • Any restaurant or outlet who wishes to purchase fish directly from a fishing vessel, or any person fishing commercially and wants offer their fish to consumers must be registered as a buyer of fish under the Sea Fisheries (Registration of buyer and seller) (Isle of Man) Regulations of 2012.
  • This guideline will give you details about how to sign up as a fish buyer or Seller in the Isle of Man.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • An auction seller registered as a buyer (an individual or partnership, company, or corporate entity) who offers fish for sale by bidding in a competitive manner on a specific auction site on the Isle of Man.
  • The term “registered buyer” refers to a person (an individual (partnership, corporation, individual or corporate entity) who buys fish that is first-sale directly from a vessel or an agent (i.e. not through competitive bidding by registered sellers on a specified auction website).

External Links

The Official Isle of Man Government Website



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