How to Register a Vehicle In Isle Of Man

Register a Vehicle In Isle Of Man By Online

  • Gather all the documentation you’ll have to submit or present for registration of for a car.
  • It is possible to visit every Post Office to apply, or visit the Department of Infrastructure, based at the Sea Terminal, Douglas in the event that there is not enough evidence.
  • Make sure you pay all fees that are applicable – for like Vehicle Tax, or Licence Fee for a Vehicle. Licence Fee.

Car Tests

Regular MOT tests for vehicles are not generally required but annual roadworthiness testing is mandatory for all annually certified vehicles, which includes all articulated vehicles for goods, large goods vehicles with more than three axles, goods vehicles that weigh more than 7500kg, minibuses, buses, vehicles to be employed as public vehicles (taxis and private hire vehicles) as well as rental and driving vehicles that are older than 3 years.

The tests for vehicles are carried out by:

The Vehicle and Driving Test Centre
Ballafletcher Road
Telephone:+44 1624 627431

Required Documents For Register a Vehicle

To be able to register and license a car on the Isle of Man the following documents must be presented at each Post Office along with

  • Formulary for application for identification of the automobile as well as the first licence for the vehicle.
  • The most recent registration documents for the vehicle provided by the manufacturer or import concessionaire, when the vehicle is brand new or has the correct documentation for registration from the nation in which the vehicle was the most recently registered. If such documents are not available or incomplete, it will have to be scrutinized and there may be a delay while details of the vehicle are being analyzed to determine whether it’s registered. (The documents must contain type approval details for passenger vehicles and vehicles for goods that are less than 10-years-old). The licensing office can deny registration of a vehicle in the event that it is not convinced that the vehicle is mostly utilized for maintenance on the island or if the owner is an Manx resident or a student.
  • Current proof of insurance on the motor vehicle.
  • Roadworthiness test certificates The certificate is required if the vehicle was more than three years old in the year of application for the first license on the island or if it’s an annually certified vehicle.
  • Customs Clearance Certificate (NOVA2MAN): for all vehicles imported outside the UK regardless of whether they are old or brand new they must be reported at Customs and Excise within 14 days of their arrival on the island. It is not possible to register and license the vehicle to use on the roads till Customs and Excise is satisfied that all fees to be paid in relation to the vehicle are covered. For further information, call Customs and Excise Tel +44 1624 648140 or email or go to Notice: Vehicles purchased from the UK that have previously been licensed by the DVLA don’t require Customs clearance.

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Infrastructure

Head OfficeSea Terminal
Isle of Man

Telephone: +44 1624 850000 (Customer Services)


  • Registration and Licensing Vehicles on the Isle of Man
  • All motor vehicles that are kept on any road within the Isle of Man must be registered in the Isle of Man and have a license.
  • There is no requirement that trailers be registered. However, draw-bar road-haulage trucks, and many other types of draw-bar trailers for non-agricultural use that exceed the weight limit of 2000kg must be licensed each year.


Licenses are issued for periods of 12 months.

Documents to Utilize

Form MVR5 – Registration of an unregistered vehicle on the Isle of Man


You can register and get your vehicle registered in the nearest Post Office. In the Department of Infrastructure, based at the Sea Terminal, Douglas will permit registration of vehicles if there isn’t enough evidence to justify the registration.

Contact Information:

  • IOM Post Office: +44 1624 698525
  • DOI, Vehicle & Driver Licensing Call: +44 1624-686827

The entire fleet of United Kingdom, Channel Island, Irish or foreign registered motor vehicles that are brought to the Isle of Man from the United Kingdom, Ireland or any other country should be registered in the Isle of Man in the earliest possible time in the event that the owner is living in the Island and as quickly as it is feasible when the owner has taken up the island’s residence.

A vehicle registered elsewhere that is used by a driver who is visiting during their visit to the Island can be kept for a period of at least 12 months without being registered on the Island as long as the person visiting is the sole owner of his/her vehicle, and doesn’t become resident on the Island.

Documentation is needed

Here are the steps for how to apply to register a car in the Isle of Man.

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