How to Register as a Voter In Malta

Register as a Voter In Malta By Online

To register as a voter, you must have a valid identity document or eResidence cards so it is possible that Electoral Office can also have your photo. You need to apply for registration as follows:

  • To Maltese Residents: Go to offices of Identity Malta in Blata l-Bajda or Gozo (contact information below). Link
  • How to Register as a Voter In Malta
    How to Register as a Voter In Malta
  • non-maltese residents can: Visit the office of the Citizenship Department in Valletta or the eResidence Card Unit in Gozo (contact information below). Link

When applying to apply for either one of the eIdentity Card or the eResidence Card, they automatically apply to register as a voter after you fill out the required application forms.

Required Documents For Register as a Voter In Malta

  • Identity card valid or electronic residency card

Office Locations and Contacts

Identity Malta AgencyGattard House, National Road, Blata l-Bajda
Phone: 21226627/8

28A St Francis Square, Victoria, Gozo
Phone: 21556317



Citizenship Department
Ground Floor Evans Building, St Elmo Square, Valletta
Phone: 25904800, 25904000

E-Residence Card Unit
Ministry for Gozo, St Francis Square, Victoria, Gozo
Phone: 22156121



Electoral Commission of Malta

The Electoral Commission
Evans Building
Triq il-Merkanti
Il-Belt Valletta VLT 2000
Phone: +356 2558 3000

Electoral Office
28a, Pjazza San Fran?isk
Ir-Rabat G?awdex VCT
Phone: +356 2156 6187


  • General Elections Registry: The citizens of Malta who are over an age threshold of of age and have been residing within Malta during at minimum six consecutive months during the 18 months preceding to registration are eligible to apply. People who are on the register are automatically eligible to vote in Referenda Local Council elections and elections to Parliament. European Parliament. The voter must be able to show an Malta identification card.
  • Regional Council Registers: Any citizen from the European Union who is officially resident on Malta or the Maltese Islands, and is possessing the identity or residency cards issued in Malta can apply. The minimum age for entry for this register is 16 years old.
  • European Union Electoral Register: Members from the European Union who is officially living within Malta Maltese Islands, and who chooses to cast their vote in Malta for the Members of the European Parliament may apply. After being registered, the individual will be abstaining from the ability to cast votes in his country of residence. A person who wants to register must be at least 18 years old age and have an identification card or eResidence issued in Malta.


You are able to register as a voters at any time during the year however, since the electoral register gets available every April and in October, it’s ideal to make your registration prior to the date of closing, that is, between the 31st day of March and before the 30th of September.

Need to have the Document

The electoral register contains name, surnames and Identity/eResidence Card numbers, and addresses of individuals that are registered for voting in the elections as well as referenda.

The Register is published twice a year and is available in 3 formats.

  1. General Elections Register: Published in 13 volumes (districts). It lists all those who are eligible to vote for representatives to the House of Representatives, of the European Parliament, as well as those who vote in national referendums.
  2. Local Council Register: Published in the form of 68 volume (one per locality) that lists the people who are entitled to vote in the election of councillors for their locality. In this register are in addition to those who are Maltese citizens, the EU citizens who are registered as residents of Maltese Islands. Maltese Islands.
  3. European Union Electoral Register: It lists of non-Maltese EU citizens who are registered as residents of Malta. Maltese Islands who decide to cast their vote in Malta in order to elect members of Parliament. European Parliament.

Information that can be useful

Verify that your name appears in the electoral register: The electoral register doesn’t accessible online. The hard copy of the register can be seen in the council’s office, the District Police Station and at the Electoral Office. You can also phone the electoral office (phone: 21221994) or write an email to to find out, you will need to provide your identity card or eResidence card number for this. The register can be purchased from Department of Information. Department of Information either in either paper or on CD.

Update your information in the register of electoral votes: The Electoral Register will be updated each time there is a request for a change in adress on either the eIdentity Card or on the electronic Residence Card. So, all you need to do is make an application for a change in address on your ID card at the appropriate office.

External Links

  • Electoral Office:




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