How to Register as an Importer of Original Plant Seeds In Ivory Coast

Register as an Importer of Original Plant Seeds In Ivory Coast By Yourself

  • Applicants (individuals/companies/businesses) based in Abidjan should visit the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development department of Food Productions and Food Security (DPVSA) office, will those base outside Abidjan should visit the Prefecture office near them , the department concerned and express your interest.
  • Take the registration request form at the registration/service desk. complete it in a precise manner.
  • Complete the request form and additional documents required to the official to verify.
  • Pay the processing fees at the cash desk, at which point you will be issued receipt. You will also be informed the day of the inspection visit will be carried out in the direction of Food Productions and Food Security (DPVSA).
  • The Department of Food Productions and Food Security (DPVSA) will send an inspector to the facility’s premises to inspect the facility to see whether the facility has all the necessary storage manufacturing , safety equipment’s as well as ventilation are appropriate for the location of the facility, employees are properly equipped to work equipment/knowledge, drainage system, availability for water
  • An exact copy of report’s findings will be provided an applicant and If any change or upgrade is required, Corrective Action and Preventive Action Report (CAPA) report will be issued and you will have to correct the issue.
  • After successful implementation of the CAPA A follow-up inspection could be carried out by the inspection team in order to verify the effectiveness of the CAPA (where appropriate)
  • The inspection report concludes that the application file that it will be sent by CONASEM to National Seeds Committee (CONASEM) to be further evaluated.
  • In the event that the designated official confirms that all requirements that are required for the application are met, you will be informed of the outcome by phone, mail or in person. Then you will be presented with an Authorization Professional Card.

Required Documents For Register as an Importer of Original Plant Seeds

  • A Request addressed to Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Complete an Approval Form (to be picked up at the DPVSA)
  • The photocopy is of the National Identity Card or the Residence Card of the Company Manager
  • Affirm a commitment to be in compliance with the annexed technical rules that are set out by Article 58 in ECOWAS Regulation C / REG.4 5/2008 on the harmonization of regulations governing quality control, certification and marketing of plant seeds in the ECOWAS space.
  • A photocopy from the Trade Register
  • Photocopies of the Tax Declaration of Existence
  • We have qualified Technical Personnel who have expertise for storage, packing, and conservation)
  • Include the complete list of Seeds and Plants that are available (Catalog)
  • Are equipped with the proper facilities and supplies (suitable storage warehouse and scales, weighing scales and so on.)

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Abidjan Plateau Plateau
Address address: CAISTAB Building 24th and 25th floors.
01 BP 01 12243 Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Tel: (+225) 20 21 43 03
Website: Link
  • Directorate General of Productions and Food Security
  • Directorate of Food Productions and Food Security (DPVSA)
  • Sub-Directorate of Seeds and inputs
  • Address: Abidjan – Plateau CAISTAB building, 5th floor
  • Plant Protection Department
  • Address: Abidjan, Plateau CAISTAB building, 8th floor

Email: /


  • Legal or Natural (individuals/businesses/companies) who wish to import original plant seeds to ivory coast


  • Fee for registration application: 100,000 FCFA


The Authorization Professional Cards are valid for three years and can be renewed after that time


  • The Imports of Plant Origin Seeds are under the supervision by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Appendix A of Decree No. 1993-313 along with Regulator ECOWAS C/ REG.4 / 05/2008 . They are controlled by Decree No. 64-457 of the 7th November, 1963 that provides details regarding the export and import of plants as well as other items that are controlled and that can carry dangerous pests to cultures.

Requirements Information

Applicant details

  • Full names
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Addresses for postal mail
  • Email address
  • Declaration

Information on the facility

  • Name of the business
  • Details about the workers
  • Physical location of the facility (land markings/GPS addresses)
  • The manager’s details (name and position, as well as the telephone No.)
  • Information about branches, if they exist

The Document is required

Importers who want to bring Original Plant Seeds are required to obtain an authorization Professional Card from the Ministry in order to import the products to Ivory Coast these is to make sure that the products are in compliance with the phytosanitary standards that are set out in the rules and the treaties from Ivory Coast.

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Link (Ministry of Rural and Agriculture Development)



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