How to Register as an Importer for Wood In Ivory Coast

Register as an Importer for Wood In Ivory Coast By Yourself

  • Applicants (individuals/companies/businesses) based in Abidjan should visit the Ministry of Water and Forests office, will those based outside Abidjan should visit the Prefecture office near them, to the department concerned and express your interest.
  • Take the application form to the registration desk and ensure that you fill it out accurately.
  • Make the necessary processing charges in cash at the counter. Upon which you will be presented with an invoice.
  • Complete the form and submit it along with any supporting documents (listed below) to verify.
  • The interministerial Commission typically meets one (1) up to (2) times each year (between the months of December and March) to review and decide on the status of all applications.
  • If you are approved, you will be informed of the result via email, telephone or in person. You will be issued with the professional authorization card to import wood from the register or an authorized official.
  • Companies who have received approval will be released annually in the Inter-ministerial Decrees.

Required Documents For Register as an Importer for Wood

  • Handwritten request to obtain a determination to allow the import of forest products at the Ministry of Water and Forests.
  • A duplicate from the Certificate of Registration in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register.
  • The Fiscal Declaration of Existence.
  • Copy of current Importer / Exporter Code issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  • Copy of Memorandum of Understanding (Purchase Contract) created between the seller and the buyer.
  • An original copy of the current Wood Products Exporter Approval for the importation of logs and the first processing of Wood Products (cut, veneer peel and slice).
  • If you are granted Temporary admission, an original an Temporary Admission Certificate for re-exports granted from Customs and Border Protection’s General Directorate of Customs is required.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Water and Forests (MINEF)
Abidjan Abidjan Plateau, Ivory Coast
Address: Cite Administrative, Tower D 19th Floor
Tel: + (225) 20 21 94 06
Fax: + (225) 20 21 05 12
  • Directorate General of Water and Forests
  • Directorate of Production and Forest Industries
  • Abidjan Plateau Plateau

Address: Cite Administrative, Tower C 8th 7th floor


  • Natural and legal persons as well as businesses and companies


  • There are no fees associated with the service.


The validity of the certificate is 6 (6) months and one (1) year at the time of the certificate’s issue.

Processing Time

    • The Commission meets one (1) up to (2) times each year (between the months of December and March) to review all application documents.
    • The processing period is between 15 working days within this time

Requirements Information


  • Background information
  • Full legal name of the applicant/company/business
  • Contact details (Mailing/email Address, telephone/fax number)
  • Address (physical physical location) of the premise
  • The reasons for the demand
  • Identification document details
  • Valid Company registration certificate details
  • Declaration

Documentation is needed

Individuals/business/companies that wish to import wood to Ivory Coast are required to register with the Ministry of Water and Forests (MINEF) and obtain a certificate of registration as an importer of wood first before importing the merchandise to Ivory Coast.

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URL (Ministry of Forests and Water (MINEF)



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