How to Register as Craftsmen / Craftswomen In Isle Of Man

Register as Craftsmen / Craftswomen In Isle Of Man By Online

  • In order to be registered as craftsmen or craftswomen on the Isle of Man you will be required to fill out an application. The forms are on the internet (link can be found under the “Documents to Use” section) and at Douglas’ Job Centre in Douglas, or by calling +44 1624 682392.
  • You’ll need to provide copies of your apprenticeship agreements to serve as support documents. If you’ve not completed an official apprenticeship, you’ll be required to provide detailed proof of your training and employment experience that you believe to be comparable to the apprenticeship you completed. This must be submitted in the form written proof, on official-looking headed paper from Architects, Employers, Clerk of Works or other professionals in the industry.
  • It is also necessary to take a current passport-sized photo that has been signed by the person who is your countersignatory.
  • A cashier’s check made payable to Isle of Man Government is required to accompany your application.
  • The address below is to send your application.
  • If your registration application is approved, you’ll be issued a confirmation card that confirms your information, the category of registration, and carrying your photo. If your registration application is not approved and you are notified in writing about the reasons of refusal.

Required Documents For Register as Craftsmen / Craftswomen

  • The completed application form
  • Apprenticeship agreements can be used as documents supporting the agreement.
  • A countersigned passport-sized photo
  • Per category, the fee is PS25.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Work Permit OfficeDepartment for Enterprise
Nivison House, 31 Prospect Hill
Douglas, Isle of Man

The address to forward your application:
Job Centre
Nivison House
31 Prospect Hill
Isle of Man


You are able to register if: are:

  • As an apprentice, you achieved the required technical qualification(s) you require for the trade.
  • have the necessary technical qualifications and have proof of the work you have done at a minimum for the length of time as an apprenticeship.

Register of Craftsmen and Craftswomen Registration Criteria


The registration fee is PS25 per category


All registrations (including those of people who have who were previously registered in the Scheme) expire at the 5th anniversary of the Scheme’s beginning date.

Documents to Utilize

Application Form Register of Craftsmen and Craftswomen


Department for Enterprise Department for Enterprise maintains the Register of Craftsmen and Craftswomen. The registration process is handled through the Department.

The register is applicable to following transactions:

  • Carpenter / Joiner
  • Mason or Bricklayer
  • Plasterer
  • Slater/Tiler (Roofing)
  • Plumber
  • Heating and plumbing engineer
  • Electrician
  • Painter and decorator
  • Wall Tiler / Floor Tiler
  • Gas fitter
  • Scaffolder

The Information You Need

  • Information about the applicant’s personal details
  • You are looking for a trade Registration

Documentation is needed

The registration process is mandatory for all who wish to:

  • work on contracts with the Government
  • Check their status on an application for a work permit

Information that can be useful

The goal is for the Register of Craftsmen and Craftswomen is to keep track of all those who have submitted an evidence to Department for Enterprise Department for Enterprise evidence that they have completed an apprenticeship, and attained the required level of technical competence in their trade.

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