How To Register as Pharmacist In China

How To Register as Pharmacist In China

  • The applicant submits an application for registration
  • Registration Authority issued accepting the admissibility of the proof
  • Review the application materials
  • Review of applications
  • The decision to issue a certification of registration license
  • Serves

A guide for pharmacists online registration procedure

The first step is Online registration (via Home Login initial password is “111111”)

Step 2 Step Two: Fill in your basic personal details online (personal details completed)

The third step: online changing my password (after your initial login, you must reset your password)

Step Four: Go online and select Type Declaration, then fill in the return of information

Step Five Step Five: Online filing of declaration (information properly and completely submitted)

Step Six The online print returns (after the dossier is submitted successfully Print RFP)

Step Seven: Transfer auditing equipment to registered institutions that have been audited

Step eight: verify online for review status (after the disclosure of the information received, you are able to log in and to check the state of regulatory approval)

Step 9 The online registration license is used for publicity (after registration via advertising on this site)

Step 10: Receive an official certificate of registration

Documents that are required Register as Pharmacist

  • Pharmacist first registration application form
  • The credentials of a licensed pharmacist
  • A copy of the proof of identity
  • The most recent positive bust inch photo 3
  • Over the County (including the county) health prevention and control Health certificate given by the practicing an official evidence of legitimate business units.

Office Locations and Contacts

China Food and Drug AdministrationAddress: 26 Xuanwumen Xidajie, Beijing, 100053, P.R. China
Fax: 86-010-68310909

China Food and Drug Administration licensed pharmacist Credentialing Center
Address: West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing Xuanwu Hospital Building 2 on the 26th
Zip Code: 100053
Technical Contact Technical Contact Email:
Technical Customer Support QQ 2933741892
Technical Service Telephone Technical Service Phone: 010-59620159

What Are All The Eligibility

Once they have “licensed pharmacist credentials” the officer must contact the registrar for registration and receive a “pharmacist registration card.” the individual can then practice as pharmacist.

In the area of practice of the pharmaceutical production personnel Management, use, and of the “Licensed Pharmacist Qualification Certificate” after registering institutions that have pharmacists who practice in order to submit an application for registration. The applicant must also comply with the following conditions:

  • to obtain “licensed pharmacist qualification certificate”;
  • The law is in place, and you must adhere to the professional code of ethics;
  • physical health, and can last during the time of practicing pharmacist jobs.

The practice unit and the practice unit are in agreement.


Registration for pharmacists is valid for three years . After that, you need to renew the registration process again.

Documents to Utilize

Pharmacist first registration application form (Form Download)


  • The implementing agencies are the provincial government’s Food and Drug Administration
  • State Food and Drug Administration for the National Licensed Pharmacist registries. Provincial regions, autonomous regions, and municipal authorities Food and Drug administration for pharmacies in practice registered institutions.

The Information You Need

  • Full name
  • Sex
  • Nation
  • Photos
  • Education background
  • Specialty
  • Job title
  • ID Number
  • Number of the Qualification Certificate
  • Exam Year
  • Schools
  • Time to go to work
  • Practice Spaces
  • The production and use of retail and wholesale
  • Practitioners category
  • Name of the practice
  • Phone
  • Mailing Address
  • Zip Code
  • Practitioners Unit Check Opinion
  • Practitioners Pharmacist Registration Agency Examine Opinion
  • Equipment Note

The Document is required Register as Pharmacist

Pharmacists, also referred to as druggists or chemists, are health professionals who work in pharmacy, a field of health sciences focused on the safety and effectiveness of usage of medications.

Information that can be useful

  • False, altered, or forged and untrue means of obtaining “licensed pharmacist certificate of qualification” and “licensed pharmacy registration cards.”
  • In the event of such a case, once identified, the agency that issued the certificate is required to withdraw the certification, to disqualify the pharmacist or registration. The person directly responsible will be penalized administratively according to applicable regulations, and legal responsibility that extends to the authority in question.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

Once they have “licensed pharmacist credentials” the officer must contact the registrar to be registered and receive a “pharmacist registration card,”” the individual can then practice as pharmacist.

External Links

Pharmacist first registration

Acceptance service for administrative matters is the State Food and Drug Administration

China Food and Drug Administration


A licensed pharmacist’s license can be terminated under the following conditions.

    • Missing or declared dead;
    • Subject to criminal penalties
    • revoked “Licensed Pharmacist Qualification Certificate”;
    • subject to administrative sanction for expulsion
    • due to health or for other reasons, they are unable to due to health reasons or other reasons, pharmacists in practice.
    • The registration expires and is not extended;
    • inexplicably absent for more than a half year’s time in a practice unit.



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