How To Register an Aircraft In China

How To Register an Aircraft In China

Then, the application and the trial

is the appropriate holder for applying

  • to complete the application form in triple copies. It is possible to submit the electronic copy of your form submitted via on the Civil Aviation Administration website (initial application of the policies and regulations will apply to the user name as well as password);
  • the right to register conformity to the statement of material of diverse applications. along with supporting documents that are submitted in one duplicate (not the original document that is submitted immediately your duplicate, with the documents that are valid in the time of 10 working days);
  • One copy file list must be submitted The list of documents must be designated as legal document copies or documents
  • the application to register the aircraft. At simultaneously, a duplicate copies of the documents may be given to each other.
  • The trial
    • The list of documents checked is in line with the documents submitted
    • an initial assessment of the application for the form: The application form is clean, correct, and signed by the procedures in force and the nationality registration certificate issued by authorities in charge of airworthiness have confirmed the sealis authentic; if there is a there is a statement on business secrets is included, the confidentiality requirements must be reasonable and in line with the regulations of the registration rights registration certificate. matters that are not trade secrets

make sure that the documents you need to use ensure that the documents are comprehensive and complete.

is issued by the receiver list

  • the receipt of all legally valid documents within the daytime, following an initial examination, the right-hand corner on every registration form and note the date on which the receipt was signed by the applicant, or in the case of it’s a cross right agent;
  • The applicant must submit the application within 10 days following the completion of the application form to register rights, must submit all of the acceptable documents for waiver registration application.
  • Payment

After the trial, as per to NDRC Price [2004 No. 90, the recipient was an applicant (or the agent) was notified by an agent or the applicant received a “receiving notification of administrative civil aviation costs for the purpose of receiving this application.” An person applying (or or an agent) in accordance with the payee information payment, collection department, to request receipt.

Then, the audit

  • after completing all documents required by the applicant and paying the applicable registration fees. Attn begin filling out the application to be reviewed. Claim:
    • The application form is completed and comprehensive, and is legally binding and legally binding
    • The content of the application form is in line with the evidence
  • If the audit is not passed not in line with the audit note that the audit will not be approved written notice addressed by the person applying or agent.
  • the identical aircraft at the same at the same time, the right to file various applications, like that of the owner registration for the application, was rejected, other registration applications for rights are not accepted with the exception of a right to ownership of the application that is rejected, however other rights can continue to allow registration applications.

Third certification

Once the applicant or agent , that the appropriate people are given the certificate of registration.

Documents Required Register an Aircraft

  • Legal: Business license that is legal or business license.
  • Natural person ID
  • The aircraft’s introduction approval
  • Contract for leasing or purchase of aircraft
  • Preflight report
  • Registration marks and nationality

Office Locations and Contacts

Airworthiness Division Inspection DepartmentAddress: West Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing No. 155
Zip Code: 100710
Tel: 6,409,139,064,092,321
Fax: 64091380

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Civil aircrafts from state-owned institutions in China. People’s Republic of China.
  • The civil aircraft is a company firm established under China’s laws People’s Republic of China; the registered capital of the enterprise includes contributions from foreign companies and the proportion of foreign-owned businesses that are part of the registered capital, or in the paid-up capital of the enterprise is not more than 35%, and the right to elect members of their board as well as the shareholders”conference” (shareholders meeting) is not more than 35%. Additionally, the chairman of the board is a Chinese citizen is director-chairman of the corporation.
  • Other civil aircraft whose registration of which has been authorized by the division of aviation civil in the State Council.


The new aircraft is eligible to apply online for registration numbers and apply online. After that, the second-hand aircraft has to be in operation to provide the required information to be reviewed.

Legal Basis:

Civil Aviation Act

Aircraft Registration Ordinance

Measures to ensure measures for Implementation of the Rights under the Registration of Aircraft Ordinance (87 order)

Requirements Information

The relevant department for civil aviation of the State Council shall carry the specifics listed below in the civil aviation nationality registration book:

  • Nationality marking and registered mark on the civil plane;
  • Name of the company that manufactures the civil aircraft
  • Type of the civil aircraft
  • Plant serial number of civil aircraft’s serial number
  • Name and address of the person who owns the civil aircraft’s address;
  • name and address of owner of the civil aircraft;
  • day of registration of the civil aircraft registration date of the aircraft
  • Name of the person who issued this certificate. aviation nationality


The Document is required Register an Aircraft

The regulations are developed according to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Law of the People’s Republic of China with an aim of improving the administration of aircrafts with civil nationality, as well as ensuring the safety of civil aviation and ensuring the order of civil aviation.

Information that can be useful

It is recommended to apply for a citizenship certificate prior to the time you have to apply for citizenship and registration marks. As per the usual processes for submitting permits for citizenship applications transfer instrument, cancellation or non-registration declaration (if required).

Other uses for the document/certificate

The nationality certificate is put in a prominent location within the civil aircraft to be inspected and inspected.

External Links

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How To Register an Aircraft In China
How To Register an Aircraft In China

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Apply for the civil aircraft Nationality registration certificate


In the event of one of the following situations the civil aircraft which has acquired the nationality of the People’s Republic of China shall be able to apply for the formalities required for changing registration:

  • Change in the owner of the aircraft or address on the civil aircraft
  • changes in the owner or the address on the civil plane change in the address of the civil aircraft’s owner or possessor
  • Other circumstances that require having to go through the formalities for modifications in registration that are required by the department responsible for civil aviation of the State Council.



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